Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EEK! Naked Nails

Left Hand

Right Hand
Just took off the L'Oreal Gold Dust.  For a glitter polish, it came off ridiculously easy.  I did use the foil method but, honestly, I don't think it was necessary.  

I usually do my left hand first and during the process of placing the acetone soaked cotton balls on each nail, wherever the acetone accidentally touched the nails of my other hand, the polish just melted and actually started coming off.  Pretty awesome.

Had to do some more filing, though.  I have a troublesome ring finger nail on my right hand.  It tends to split along a ridge very close to the side wall if my hands are in water too much.  I use gloves for doing dishes but that kind of defeats the purpose of hand washing so being completely kept out of water is impossible.

Once the polish was off, I noticed a new split.  Filed it down then took the rest down.  I usually keep the nails on my right hand just a bit shorter than the left.  Good thing since the left is the swatch hand.

So, I ordered this from Amazon over the weekend and it arrived today.

Nutra Nail 5 to 7 Day Growth Treatment

I've been using another growth treatment by Nutra Nail for some time now and was running out.  I saw this and decided to give it a try.  Which means my nails will remain naked for the next five days while I see if the claim to "achieve stronger growth in as soon as 5 days" is true.  I've always had good luck with Nutra Nail products and I don't expect anything less from this one.  

Here's the documentation from the back of the package.

It did soak in pretty quickly.  I waited a few minutes then applied my normal cuticle oil and hand lotion.  The naked nail pictures were taken after all that was done.  Guess I should have taken a before but I didn't think of it in time. 

I am expecting nail mail from Llarowe, Literary Lacquer and Moon Sugar Decals (can't wait!).  Once those get here, I'll be swatching again. 

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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