Sunday, December 29, 2013

Literary Lacquers Shift of Fate

Hey there!

Here is the last, but definitely not least, of the three Literary Lacquers I bought a few weeks ago - Shift of Fate.

Shift of Fate has pretty much everything - a nice green to gold and sometimes blue shifter with a soft, linear holo tucked in for good measure.  It's just really pretty.  Even in the bottle, there's a lot going on.

You can see the gold and blue shifts as well as the larger glitters that flash green, gold and even blue at the right angle.  Like twinkling stars on a holographic green and gold backdrop.  

And then this is what it does on the nails....

 with flash
without flash

I would call this one the lighter, more goldish sister to A Thousand Christmas Trees.  I just love everything this polish does.  It's constantly changing as the hands move around.  I just wish I could capture every nuance of it properly but alas, the camera is only so good at getting what it can.  All pictures are three thin coats, no base or top.

 with flash
 without flash
 gold shift
 holo shot with the blue showing, no flash
 another angle with more blue, no flash
 the gold angle, with flash

Distraction factor definitely off the scale with this one.  And the formula is so good, three thin coats was easily achieved with very little effort.   

no flash
So, what do you think of Shift of Fate?  Is this one you need to add to your stash?  I'm certainly glad it's in mine.

Next, I'll be working on swatches of the two I bought from Colors By Llarowe - Vamp and Runt.  Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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