Sunday, December 1, 2013

L'Oreal Gold Dust: The Reign of Studs & Diamond in the Rough

Hi, all.  My second post. Whoo-hoo!  And I have a couple of pretties to show off.

I had been searching for the new L'Oreal's ever since I saw them swatched on All Lacquered up (haven't figured out yet how to properly insert links, sorry).  My enabler friend at Walgreens hadn't received them yet.  I actually saw them at my local Kroger, believe it or not. The one I go to stocks quite a bit of polish, including OPI.  Yay!

So, I picked out two real quick - purples, naturally.  I am a purple girl, as if you couldn't tell that by all the purple in my blog.

Anyhoos, while the one is a true purple, the other is more of a rosy kind of lavender, sort of.  It's really hard to describe.  Just take a look at this.

I have The Reign of Studs on the index and middle finger, Diamond in the Rough on the ring and pinkie.  What you see in the picture is pretty much what they look like in real life - the purple is probably a little bit more red in the picture but the other is spot on.  This is two coats of each, no base or top.  They dried very quickly into a nice texture that is just rough enough without being too rough.  The formula is very nice.  You could probably get good coverage with a single coat if you wanted but I did two just because I'm a perfectionist and can't help myself.  

Bottle shot, side by side for comparison.

And more pictures.

 Taken with just the overhead light and flash.

Taken under my natural light lamp.  Still need that lightbox, I know.  Working on that.

 This is also with just the overhead light and camera flash.

Also taken under the natural lamp on my desk.

I think I'm going to have to head back to Kroger to get the rest of these.  I will also have to stop by Walgreens and let my enabler friend know she needs to find her shipment and get them out.  These would make good stocking stuffers for Christmas.  What am I saying?  Any polish is a good stocking stuffer for the nail polish obsessed.  Right?

So that's my second post for y'all.  Hope you enjoyed seeing these two lovelies.  I'm off to make this a full on mani.  

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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