Friday, December 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Water Color and Model's Own Indian Ocean

I have other posts to get up here but I was too excited about this layering combination to wait to show it off.

I love this combination.  You get the lovely blue of Water Color then the shimmer of pink provided by Indian Ocean.  In the right angle, I'm even seeing a bit of rose gold, which was impossible to capture in any of the photos.  The pink was hard enough to capture and that is the predominant shimmer in this look.  Lots of pictures to follow.

Water Color went on smoothly despite the overly wide brush and weird bristle shape.  I am just not a fan of these wide brushes even though I know they're here to stay.  Wider is better with regard to application in fewer strokes but some of the brushes are just too wide for my nails and I find it difficult to control where the polish goes sometimes. 

But I digress...

I only needed two coats of Water Color to get full opacity.  And it is very pretty on its own.  Lighting for both pictures is the daylight lamp on my desk.

But with Indian Ocean I said...I am loving this combo.  So much so that I'm debating whether or not my nails will get their weekend break.  Ok, they will but I'm really gonna hate taking this off, I do believe.

Daylight Lamp

Actual Sunlight through the window

Daylight Lamp

Camera Flash

That's two easy coats of Indian Ocean.  This polish is pretty sheer, though.  I don't mind visible nail line so I'm willing to try it on its own just to see if it will build to opacity.  However, it is a gorgeous topper.  I'm also considering layering over gray.  Green might be nice.  Then there's purple.  I guess I should just say it's versatile and just leave it at that.  

Camera Flash

Have I mentioned yet how much I love this?

I actually did this Wednesday night, moved a lot of stuff from one room to the other on Thursday and still had no chips today and very little tip wear.  These were taken during lunch at work under office lighting.

with Camera Flash

no flash

And then, because I just don't know how to leave well enough alone, tonight I added some bar glitter I got in this LA Colors Limited Edition Mini Nail Polish Collection.  Picked it up at Walgreen's for half price.  I'd been eyeing it for a while so I grabbed it when I saw it on the 50% off shelf.  

They don't seem to ever put the names on the mini's when they're offered and these are no exception.  I've managed to ID all but two of them and, unfortunately, the pink bar glitter in a clear pink base is one of them.  Here is it on top of everything.

you can see just a bit of tip wear in this one

Formula on this one was a bit thick but then it is a glitter so that's no real surprise.  The bar glitters were a bit reluctant to leave the bottle but I found if I held the brush in tight then turned the bottle upside down, I could get a few more on the brush.  The good news is that the clear pink base does seem to level itself out.

If anybody recognizes it, please let me know in the comments what it might be.  I looked all over the internet as well as the LA Colors site and can't seem to find even a close match for it.  Wonder if they put brand new ones in these collections just to see how well they do.

I guess I will have to take this off tomorrow if I want to swatch anything and put on something else for New Year's.  But I will definitely enjoy it while it lasts.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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