Sunday, December 8, 2013

Savina Merlot & Glitter Purple

This day has just gotten away from me.  Of course, not getting up until noon will do that but I digress.

I wanted to share the new Savina polishes I got yesterday: Merlot and Glitter Purple.  Bottle shots - 

Thought these would go well together and I was right.  First, though, Savina Merlot by itself.

Merlot has a red leaning purple base with what appear to be very, very tiny holographic glitters.  There's not a lot of glitter here and you have to be in just the right light even see them but they are there.  The red seems to pop out better than any of the other rainbow colors.  

Formula is ok, maybe a bit on the thin side but that made it easy to do three thin coats.  Two might have been sufficient but I could still see uneven spots so it was on with the third coat.  The picture is three coats, no base or top because this isn't going to be my mani for the next two days, at least.  We're doing this Red vs Green thing at work and I want points for having red nails.  

I do like this by itself but then I put the Glitter Purple over it and I really wish my camera could capture this as it appears in real life.  Alas, not so much but you will still get the idea.

First, Glitter Purple alone.  Again, my camera just doesn't do this justice at all.

Glitter Purple is just stuffed with small magenta and silver glitter.  The base is either a sheer grey or purple but there's so much glitter, it's really hard to tell which.  The photos are one coat over bare nail.  Even though one coat is very sheer I would consider wearing it alone for a different look.  

And now the two together.

I think capturing glitter is probably the hardest picture to take but this will give you some idea of what these two beauties look like married together.  The thumbnail photo captured more of the two glitter colors than I thought it would.

So there you have it.  Savina Merlot and Glitter Purple.  Two colors just made for each other.  I'm looking forward to wearing this as a full man soon.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for ready and stay tuned.


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