Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Satin Glam

Good day, all.  

I'm finally posting the swatches from the new Sally Hansen Satin Glams that I purchased not too long ago but first, I want to say.....over 500 page views!  Wow!  I mean, welcome to everyone who has found me. I'm glad you're here and I hope I give you good reasons to stop back often.  Please feel free to let me know who you are in the comments. 

I'm still getting used to this blogging thing and how to make it easy for people to follow me. Until I do, stop by the Facebook page for Ten Penny Nails and do the like thing so you'll get notifications when I do a new post. If you do become a 'like', let me know there who you are, too, please.  Facebook isn't being very friendly right now showing me who my followers are and I'd really like to know. 

Ok, on to the polish.

There are eight in this collection. I picked up only these five but might get the other three if they're still available just so I have the complete set.  The other three are a gold, a white and a silver that is pretty close in color to the teal.

left to right: Chick Pink, Teal Tulle, Silk Onyx, Taffeta, Sun Sheen

Formula on these is decent, maybe on the this side but that made it easy to stick to only two coats for most of these. Some of these are rather sheer with two coats. Three might give you better coverage. I didn't use three because I don't mind a little nail line showing through.  

The polish dries to a satiny matte finish, which is lovely but if you prefer, you can top coat these. I wore Chic Pink as a full mani and I did use topcoat, which brought out the sparkles. 

Chic Pink has small pink glitters inside for a tone on tone sparkle. Fair warning, though. You'll want to use two coats of base for this one, at least. I used only one coat and Chic Pink stained my nails quite well. Here she is topless. For all of the colors, the first two photos are without flash, the last one is with flash and all are without top coat.

On me, the color appeared more of a salmon color than pink but I preferred that anyway since I'm not a Barbie pink kind of girl. I have those kinds of pinks in my stash but don't wear them alone very often. Despite the staining, I did enjoy wearing Chic Pink for the few days that I did. I like to change my polish mid-week so I only wore this one about three days. Wear time will vary, of course, depending on what you do while wearing it. If I remember correctly, I had only tip wear and a few minor chips when I took this one off.

The next in line is Teal Tulle and I think my favorite one of the five. Yes, I do like purple a lot but for some reason, this color of blue is what is catching my eye right now. Although, I think I would call this more of a turquoise than I would a teal. The glitters in this one are, again, tone on tone. This one is just a bit neon. Well, it's bright, anyway.

Silk Onyx is next. This one is probably my next favorite because of the different colored glitters inside the charcoal base.  What I see most of is a magenta and turquoise but I do believe there is a flash of silver in here as well. Not sure this translated well in the photos, though I did try.

Let's see, what's next? Ah, yes, the purple.  A red leaning purple, Taffeta is another multi-glittered option, with what look like the same colored glitters as in Silk Onyx.  So, I guess that makes this one a tie for second place. I mean, it is purple, after all. And now that I look at these, I think the first two are with flash and the last one is not. 

Oops, failed to get rid of that glop on my thumb, dang!

And finally, here is Sun Sheen, a bright orange with red and gold glitters making the sparkles. This one also is a tad on the neon side but I don't think that means it's out of place in the middle of winter. After all the gloomy gray, a little bright is kind of a relief.

So, what do you think of the Satin Glams? If you already have any of them, let me know in the comments which ones.  

And the sun is finally out.  Do I have swatches ready to photograph? Of course, not. Still, there's lots more to come, sun or no sun.  

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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  1. Hey Penny, Great Sally Hansen polish reviews and manis! I think you would love and do great in our Sally Hansen Triple Shine competition. You should check it out and see what you think :)