Thursday, January 16, 2014

Under the Weather....Again!

Sorry, gang.  I've been fighting a virus of one type or another pretty much since the new year began and it's got me down again this week.  Hoping to catch up on posts this weekend.  Got a lot of polish coming my way that I really do want to share.  Did anybody take advantage of Zoya's 3 Free promo?  I did.  Got 6, 5 of which are on their way now.  The other one, Dream, is back ordered.

Then Zoya went a step further and sent all of us who did participate, a code that would get us a free bottle of their newest glitter top coat, Monet, if we purchased two of the new colors for 2014. I took advantage of that as well.  There were other purchases made, which I will share at some point.  I've even got the colors picked out for the gradient I'll be doing pretty soon, so lots of good stuff coming up.

Until then, how about I show you something I created last night while waiting on the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Llarowe called Good Golly, Miss Molly? There is a story behind GGMM but before I tell you, let's see what I did. 

I wasn't certain I'd actually get GGMM since it was also limited quantity so I decided to see if I could come up with a close dupe. This is the result.

What would you call that?  Magenta?  Fushia?  Raspberry?  Well, just wait.  This turned out to be one of those polishes that changes color depending on the light.  The above picture is with flash to try and capture the holographic glitters but without flash, it looks like this.

Now she looks more purple, kind of a wine color.  This next pic was taken under the incandescent bulb of a floor lamp.

I'd call that burgundy or maybe even a brown leaning maroon.

On the nail, the holographic quality is more like a scattered holo rather than the linear you see in the bottle.  Sacrificed the last fourth of a holo top coat to make this.  Started with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Posh Plum, added that to the strong holographic top coat then added quite a bit of OPI My Private Jet. No, not the lovely holographic version but I did try to make it that way after I got it. Didn't really accomplish the same linear holo effect but it is still pretty and sparkly all the same.  

Then a healthy dollop of Wet-N-Wild Eggplant Frost went in as well as a bit of a vintage polish, Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Lily, and a dash of Llarowe Vamp.  I don't think I came very close to matching Good Golly, Miss Molly but since I did manage to buy the real thing, I'll get the chance to see just how close I came.  I like how mine turned out, though, even if it's not an exact dupe for GGMM.

Sorry to show you something that you can't actually get but if you're adventurous, try making your own colors using whatever you have in your stash.  For those who don't know, this is called frankening.  All you need is an empty, clean polish bottle and a few colors, maybe even some glitters.  Start mixing and see what you come up with.  This is actually my third attempt at frankening but it's the first one I liked well enough to actually wear.  A friend even suggested a name for it, Ice Wine (thank you, Mony).  

And now for the story behind GGMM.  When Leah Ann, the wonderful woman behind Llarowe, went to make another batch of one of her beautiful polishes, she ended up using the wrong color pigment and the polish that would become Good Golly, Miss Molly was born.  The name came from the phrase she used when posting about the happy accident. When she asked what the name should be, those of us who were online at the time said, "Good Golly, Miss Molly, of course."  I'm very excited and happy that I managed to get it.  

Ok, the last of the energy is waning.  Off to rest.  

Thanks for reading and definitely stay tuned.


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