Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dots Crazy!

Happy Tuesday! 

Today I have the dotticure for you. Actually, you're getting two techniques for the price of one because I did the dotticure on a skittle mani.

For those that don't already know, a skittle mani is one where you use a different color for each nail. I used all Sinful creams for the skittle.

l to r: Starfish, Why Not, Tempest, Innocent, Hazard

This is how I wore it dotless today and really enjoyed it.

The colors used for the dots were also all Sinful Colors except for one.

l to r: Unicorn, Cherimoya Neon Sapphire, Hazard, Sail La Vie, Calypso, Enchanted, 
My Kryptonite, Song of Summer, Anchors Away

The dotting tools used. I used the three largest ends for all the dots.

The process: place a bit of polish on a spare piece of paper or, as I did, on a paper plate. This one is coated so that the polish doesn't soak through. Dip the dotting tool into the polish then quickly apply the dots. I did up to three before I had to dip again.

And the end result?

I really had no plan but since I wanted it as random as possible, I'm happy with the result. As I was previewing the post, it dawned on me that the middle fingernail looks a lot like the blog background.

You can make any design with the dots and even have dots within dots as you can see on several of my nails. I didn't take the time to do the other hand.  Instead, I decided to use a holographic top coat on them since I'm thinking the top coat would obscure the dots too much and I really want to see these creams as holos. Guess that means I'm making a fashion statement of a sort.

This is  a very soft holographic that gives off a shimmery rainbow without obliterating the base color. 

Hope you try these techniques for yourself if you've never done one before. It's fun and doesn't really take that long if you pot on the base color one day and do the dots the next like I did.

So there's your February technique with a bonus in the skittle. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


PS...Since I forgot to take a pic before I polished, I don't really have an after photo for the 3-day naked nail challenge with Pure Nail Oil. However, by today, I was oiling a lot less and my nails still looked pretty much the same as the pics from the last post. I continue to oil even with the polish on and plan to do another 3-day naked nail challenge every month from now on. Looking forward to how my nails look by the end of the year.

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