Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just A Bunch of Stuff

Happy Mid-Week!

No, I did not fall off the face of the planet. When I took off the last mani, my nails were in horrid shape - dry, peely and yuck. Winter has not been kind to Ten Penny Nails. Not at all. 

As a result, I decided to give them the week off while I douse them in a nail oil that I make myself. I've also ordered a nail oil from Amazon called Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil. You can find info on it here. I went through Amazon for it because they already have my info and I could one-click it but I will probably get an account set up with Ana and get it directly from her in the future. 

While you're on Ana's website, have a look around. She's got lots of good articles on nail care and such. Debunks a lot of myths there, too.

The new oil won't get to me until sometime early next week. I like my oil but the Pure Nail Oil has some different and additional ingredients that I don't have in mine and I just want to compare the two. I like using a small variety of products in tandem so I will be using the two this way once I finish the initial 3-day hydration challenge with the Pure Nail Oil, which probably means, once I do the dotticure this weekend, there'll be no more polishing until later next week.

Even though I don't have a mani to show off, I do have a haul for the week. 

yep, there's 13 bottles there - a baker's dozen!

The 10 Sinfuls have a story behind them, which I'll tell next.  First, though, are the three in the back.

L to R: Wet-n-Wild Mega Rocks At Will Call, SpaRitual Imagination, 
OPI DS Extravagance

My friend Jenny got me the Mega Rocks (thank you, Jenny). I had been eyeing them but hadn't purchased any yet and of course, it's purple. The SpaRitual came from the DermStore and the OPI from Amazon. 

I was excited to get my hands on another DS since I wasn't doing my nails at the time they started coming out so I missed out on the first ones but slowly I'm finding them at decent prices and snagging them. Although, I believe Extravagance is a newer release? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I'll have comparison swatches between Extravagance and Zoya's Blaze later in the post.

And now, the story behind my 10 new Sinfuls.

I stopped into my local Walgreens to see if they had Sinful's new collection for Spring. They didn't but my disappointment was short lived when I discovered they were having their 99 cent sale on Sinfuls this week. GAH!!! Naturally, I wasn't about to pass that up even though I already have a ton of Sinfuls in my stash. I chose carefully so that I didn't grab any Sinful dupes, carried my haul up to the counter to check out and found out, low and behold, I had 5000 points just waiting to be redeemed. Double GAH!! Minutes later, I left Walgreens with 10 little bottles that I only paid $5.64 for and here they are!

 the greens l to r: Rise & Shine, Happy Ending, Song of Summer
 the blues l to r: Calypso, Why Not, Blue By You
 pink/purple l to r: Eva So Bright, Tempest, Enchanted

Song of Summer might be a dupe for OPI Gargantuan Green Grape but I'm not sure yet. I thought Enchanted might be a dupe for Sinful's Amethyst but it's darker. I think those two with Tempest might make a pretty mini skittle. I wasn't sure about Calypso. Kind of a weird color but I wanted to see it holofied with one of my holographic top coats.

Now, that's only 9, isn't it? Well, number 10 is kind of special. It was the first one I picked up and it was the only like it there. Say hello to Starry Night - a black jelly with filled with holographic glitters.

Just look at all that sparkle! The phone camera just can't do justice for something this pretty. You're only getting a flash or two of the color but trust me, it's in there. I'll have to wait for a really sunny day to swatch this beauty.

Let's see, what else? Oh, right! The Extravagance/Blaze comparison.

I was worried that I had just bought myself a dupe of something I already had when I ordered Extravagance but I'm pleased to report that the two are different enough.

Bottle shots first. Ignore the naked nails, please.

 without flash
 with flash
 with flash
with flash

Since I'm heavy into nail oiling, I did the swatches on a nail wheel. The picture with flash is where you really see the difference between the two but I can also tell you that Extravagance has a lot more of a holographic finish than Blaze and Blaze in real life has a deeper magenta color to it. 

Blaze is #17 and Extravagance is #18 
without flash - this is a little closer to how they look but 
Extravagance is more glittery than she appears here
the flash kind of washed them out but at 
least the color difference is more noticeable

And finally, the before Pure Oil naked nails - EEK!!!

righty - can you tell this one's not used to posing? lol!

Have mercy! Look at all those ridges and dry patches and ICK! Not to mention the wreck that is the ring fingernail on righty. That's the one that splits whenever it darn well pleases and it did it to me again, right down to the quick, another reason for no polish. That split happens in the corner next to the middle finger. Really annoying. The thumbs aren't bad, though, and the nail plate closest to the cuticle is looking really good. The staining is what's left after I wore the Sally Hansen Satin in the pink color.

I also had to file down the ring fingernail on lefty because the edge was really, really rough and catching on everything, even my skin. Both ring fingernails are the ridge-iest of all of them.

So that's it for now. I will be doing the dotticure this weekend but only on lefty and before I file all the nails down to nubs. The sooner all the nastiness grows out, the better I'll like it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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