Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Pretend It's Still January - Gradient!

Happy Saturday! I'm finally back on my feet, still doing some coughing but at least I no longer feel like the TARDIS has landed on me.

So, I promised a gradient for January and since we can still see January in the rearview mirror today, let's just pretend we never left.  Or better yet, let's all climb into the TARDIS and go back to yesterday, shall we? 

Can you tell I'm re-watching Dr. Who episodes? LOL!

Anyhoo, I had originally settled on doing a gradient with gold and pink in the hopes that somewhere in the middle we'll see a bit of something orangey.  I could have done this with yellow and pink and been sure but I have a gold and a pink holographic that I wanted to see together so where we go.

Milani Digital and 3D

It seemed to be a good idea to use these however, the result wasn't exactly what I imagined it would be.

So it was back to the drawing board.  This time I picked related colors and I do believe it turned out much better.

The first step is to paint the lighter color over the entire nail.  In this case, Sinful Colors Apple Mint.

This is two coats.  I didn't bother with clean up because things are about to get real messy anyway.

Next is to do the gradient.

I have done gradients in two ways.  One is to paint the polish the flat edge of a triangular makeup sponge. The other is to put some of each polish on a piece of scrap paper, close together and mix them in the middle then use the sponge to pick up the polish. I used the scrap paper method for this.

The darker color is Cherimoya Mystic Grass.

After the polish is on the sponge, press the sponge to the nail to transfer the polish. You might want to dab a bit from side to side and ever so slightly up and down but not too much or one color will start to replace the other. You'll also want to be careful that part of the sponge doesn't pull off onto the nail. That happened to the pointer finger. 

When you're done, it should look like this.

Depending on the look you want and the polishes used, you might have to repeat the process a couple of times to reach the intensity you want. Just apply more polish to the paper, dip the sponge and repeat.

 2nd pass
After the 3rd pass, here's the almost finished product.

what a mess!

Next step is to clean up the skin around the nails and remove all that excess polish then apply top coat. I used pure acetone and a cotton swab to get most of it off then a brush dipped in acetone for the rest. 

Fortunately, the sun came out just in time to get these in natural light.

If you want to see this process from start to finish as video, just go to YouTube and search for "gradient nail tutorial". You'll see a whole bunch of suggestions pop up. I even saw a few that peaked my interest that I'll be watching later.

Hope you enjoyed this semi-tutorial on gradient. You can also google "gradient nail art" to see more gradients.  The combinations are endless. More than two colors can be used but keep in mind the length of the nail might limit how much of a gradient is seen when more than two colors are used. You can even chose two colors that will create a third in the part where the two are mixed.  

Now, let me remind myself what technique I'm supposed to be doing to February...oh, yes. The dotticure. This is one I've never done before. We'll see what I come up with and hopefully, this one will actually get done in the correct month - sickness is no longer welcome here!

Lots more swatches to be done as well so better get on it now that I'm semi-healthy again. Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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