Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sally's Haul - 30% off AND BOGO on Finger Paints!

Happy Saturday!

Today has been a awesome day so far. It's not exactly warm but it's not exactly freezing either.  The sun is in full shine.  The wretched snow is almost gone.  Got my Fusion in for its 85,000 mile checkup and oil change and paid a grand total of $10.67 for everything they did thanks to my rewards from Ford.  And....And...AND it was 30% off day at Sally's! Whoo-hoo! As if all that wasn't enough, they had Finger Paints on sale for buy one, get one and some of them were reduced to half price! Good Heavens!  What a morning I've had.

First, though..update on the oiling situation. It is going very well. For the first time, I was able to wash my hands and my nails not look like they had spent days in the Sahara Desert. I oiled immediately, of course. I'll be ordering the refill kit and probably the 4 oz big bottle next payday. 

Now, the haul. Well, the nail related part anyway. I did pick up some One and Only hair products with the Argon oil in it. Haven't tried it yet but I've heard that Argon is excellent for hair as well as nails.

They had the Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze but only two of them really called to me.

Shell We Dance? and Seahorsin' Around

These are the latest textured polishes China Glaze has put out recently. I've seen swatches of the other ones, Crinkled Chrome, and Sally had them but they've just not impressed me much. The Sea Goddess, on the other hand, much better. More sparkly. The pink has more of a milky pink base but the blue is all textured glitter. I always say I'm not a pink kind of girl but the pink section of my stash does seem to be growing.

While I was deciding which China Glaze I wanted, the lady who manages the shop came over to show me that the Finger Paints were still BOGO. I thought I was too late for it but...surprise!

l to r: Sparkle Top Coat 806130, Art Nouv-Yellow, Hammered Terra Cotta 
and Purple Palette (like I needed another purple)

As you can see from the reduced sticker on the yellow one, that was one of the half prices ones as was the Sparkle Top Coat. Hammered Terra Cotta is a textured glitter while Purple Palette looks like more of a textured top coat to me. I swatched all of them on a nail wheel and even with two thick coats, Purple Palette was more of a sheer textured finish but has that lovely purple sparkle to it. I'm planning to use it with one of the dark purples that I have once the oiling and dotticure are completed.

All in all, I spent at Sally's what I saved at the Ford dealership so it all evens out in the end. Right? Well, that's my rationalization and I'm sticking with it. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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