Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Stuff Post

Hi, all! How's your Saturday going? We've got Spring weather again. I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't change my swatch day to Saturday instead of Sunday. Seems we have sun on Saturday more often.

For you today, I have yet another selfie but this one is the final one - the last step in what has become a complete hair makeover....color.

A reminder of the before...

And here's the after....

good heavens, look how big my nose looks!

The new me! Nail polish and new hair. What more does a girl need to make herself feel better? Ok, let's add chocolate to that, shall we?

Last selfie, I promise. On to the nail part of this post - how did the Zoya Color Lock System work for me? Well, let's find out. Pic was taken today after the coloring session where I did use gloves while washing the color out but removed them for the rest of the procedure - condition and rinse. After finishing with styling, this is all there was.

This was also after cooking and washing up last night. The only other evidence was a tiny little chip on the other side of that pinkie and there was still only tip wear on my right hand. Didn't think to do a pic of that hand. Oh, well.

So my verdict of the Zoya Color Lock System? Worked pretty well for me. Everyone's chemistry is different, however, so my motto applies here as well - find what works for you and stick with it.

Since I had to take this off anyway so I could swatch the three polishes I received from Sweet Heart Polish (thank you, Cassandra), I decided to take pics as I went - a kind of glitter removal tutorial, if you will.

The L'Oreal Gold Dust polishes I've worn so far are fairly easy to remove, however, there are some glitter polishes that are just plain stubborn when it comes to removal. I don't know where this method got started or who started it but it's affectionately called the foil method. Works great for glitter but I even use it for non-glitter polish because I can remove an entire hand of polish in one go without a lot of rubbing. 

Tools needed...

polish remover, cotton pads or balls, foil

I like to use cotton pads because I can cut them in half and they are the perfect size. I used cotton balls previously and would pull them apart so I had two in place of one. Much less cotton to deal with per finger that way. Also, cut the foil into rectangles big enough to wrap around your finger at least a time and half. The better you can secure the foil, I think, the better this method works.

Acetone in nail polish loves to feast on the natural oil of your skin so I start with a good slathering of oil to give it something else to snack on while it dissolves the polish. I use an oil concoction I make myself but whatever you have in the kitchen will do.

Once you're greased up, soak the cotton in the polish remover and wrap around the tip of your finger so that the cotton is in direct contact with the nail. I start with the pinkie so that I have use of the thumb for as long as possible. 

this was at the unwrapping but you get the idea

Then, wrap that in the foil and make sure it's well sealed. Continue until you have all five fingers tipped in foil, like this.

I make the foil large enough that I can twist it at the end of the finger so that it holds the cotton tight against the nail.

Don't make it too tight so that you're uncomfortable, though.

If I'm taking off non-glitter polish, I wait only a minute or two before I do the unwrapping. With glitter, I might wait as long as five minutes. Because this particular polish is pretty easy to remove, I waited about two minutes then started unwrapping. Start with the same finger you started with when doing the wrapping, in my case, the pinkie.

look how much polish came off and this was before wiping

and this is how much was left behind - thumb since I forgot to shoot the pinkie

The beauty of using cotton pads is that you can fold the half into a quarter and you have two clean sides to finish wiping off the remaining polish. 

all done!

Slather on some more oil to help alleviate any dryness then repeat the whole process with the other hand. I soak a clean pad in more remover and go over each nail again to get rid of anything missed the first time around then wash, dry and immediately apply whatever hand lotion you have handy and make sure you rub some into your nails. That will seal in that little bit of water that is always left behind even after towel drying. A little water is ok, it's the soaking in it that causes problems.

 After using Pure Nail Oil and my Burt's Bees hand cream, this is what I end up with. Oh, these should also be considered my three week progress pictures.

I am still amazed at how much better my nails and cuticles look in only three short weeks. And they're growing so fast now that I am having to do a bit of filing every week just to keep them from getting so long they're in the way. That nail on the ring finger of my right hand doesn't look as if it's even thinking of splitting, and that, my friends, is truly amazing. I thought I'd never find something to stop that thing from splitting on me before it got very long.

Tomorrow, I will have for you swatches of these little pretties.

Can't see what they are with the labels on but one of them is from the newest Superfine Collection. Then on Monday, I will have my Saint Patrick's day manicure to show you. No, I don't know what that will be yet. Gotta go shop the stash for some green and consider if I want to attempt shamrocks. We'll see what I end up doing.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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