Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finger Paints Art Nouv-Yellow and Starlight and Sparkles Starlight Holo Top Coat

Happy Tuesday!  Or should I say Happy Mardi Gras! Hope everyone is warm and safe after the weekend snows, if you got any. We didn't get as much as some since the storm slipped further south than our weather gurus expected. Here's hoping that's the last of it for a long while - at least until Christmas, anyway.

Tonight I have the mani that I've been wearing for the last couple of days. I'm about to take it off so I thought I'd better get this up now, rather than later in case I need any more photos.

With Winter being such a curmudgeon and pretty much everyone longing for Spring, I thought a bright yellow mani was a good idea. Yeah, not so much - at least on me. In fact, I hated the color on me so much that I neglected to take a pic before I slathered on the holo top coat. I think you'll still get the idea of how bright this yellow is just from some of the pics. The brightness showed up best under camera flash.

daylight lamp light

As I said, Art Nouv-Yellow is very bright with a kind of frosty finish. It will show the brush strokes if you're not careful. The holographic top coat did cover that up and made the color a little more friendly to my skin tone.

 sunlight - rare occurrence lately
 camera flash
 daylight lamp
 camera flash
camera flash

I really wanted to like this color on me but at least I can holo-fy it so it doesn't look too horrid. You can get the holographic top coat from Starlight and Sparkles in their shop on Etsy. I also have their Phoenix, Dragon and Unicorn top coats that give any polish a nice duochrome look. 

And now for something truly exciting....drum roll please.....I finally got my Zoya Awaken and Monet polishes! I think Zoya got overwhelmed with all the orders. Mine stayed in scan verification status for so long that I did email to see what was up. I did get a lovely and quick reply from Danielle who let me know that my order was being shipped and I should get my confirmation by the end of the day and that's exactly what happened. Got the pretty little bottles yesterday, in fact, so kudos to Zoya. These were definitely worth waiting for.

That's Hudson on the left, Monet in the middle and Rebel on the right (oh, now there's a good name for something - book, song, poem...hmmm). I've already swatched these on a nail wheel but will swatch them again on me later in the week.

The Monet is a bit thick but that's probably because of the cold. I'll do a bit of thinning before I use it. Hudson and Rebel are sparkling glass flecked beauties and now that I'm admiring them again, I'm seeing a gradient kind of thing maybe....maybe tonight...no, I wanted to wear green.  Ok, I'll argue with myself over that later.

I only ordered the two but I do believe I will go after the rest of the Awaken collection and some of the Spring Pixie's as well. Come on tax refund! Did anybody else get any of the Awaken collection? Let me know in the comments.

That's all I have for tonight. Gotta go decide what I'm going to replace the yellow holo with so thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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