Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Manicure Extender Idea

Hello, all. Just a quick post to show you another nail art type of technique than can extend a manicure that is starting to show a bit of wear. Consider this your free two-fer for the month.

Before I start, let me remind you that I'm road testing Orly's Bonder and In A Snap and I can say that this pair is definitely continuing to impress me. I did the manicure Sunday and as of tonight, there are no chips, only tip wear. I haven't exactly been avoiding water, either. Two showers, hair washing this morning - which usually guarantees me at least one chip, a bit of dishwashing and lots of hand washing. After all this, I really should have more than just a bit of tip wear. Just so impressive.

Since I get bored easily but didn't want to do a brand new manicure tonight, I decided to extend this one by using a technique called glitter gradient. 

daylight lamp
 daylight lamp

I used Finger Paints Purple Palette to create this look. All I did was wipe as much polish off the brush as possible without wiping it completely off. Then, using a light touch, applied the glitter to the top half of the nail, starting from about the center of the nail outward. 

Because there was barely any polish on the brush, the purple blended well with the green, although the first coat went on kind of light. When I did a second coat, I tried not to apply it as far down the nail as the first. After two coats of Orly In A Snap, I was done. Quick and fairly simple with only the barest bit of cleanup needed.

You can also do this using the makeup sponge method but this way is much quicker and with much less mess to clean up. If you want to see video of this or any of the techniques I post, YouTube is a great resource. I watched a lot of videos there to learn how to do this stuff. Seeing the techniques in action really helped.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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