Sunday, March 23, 2014

My First B Squareds

Happy Swatch Day Sunday. Hope your weekend was a good one.

Tonight I have for you my first B Squared Polishes.

Purple Unicorns, Luxury Chocolate

First up, Luxury Chocolate is a yummy chocolate brown holo with a gold shimmer and larger, round gold glitter.

 in the sun
daylight lamp

There is so much packed into this polish. Who doesn't love a pretty brown holo?

Next, Purple Unicorns. 


For me, this is the perfect shade of purple. It has a soft holo with turquoise glitter.

Pictures are 3 coats - no base or top for Luxury Chocolate but full manicure for Purple Unicorns since it's my mani for the start of the week. Formula for both was good and dry time was also good. I look forward to adding more of these to my stash.

I'll have a lot more for you this week. I also swatched all of the Zoya Awaken collection as well as Monet and the Spring Pixies. Lots more to come so thanks for reading and stay tuned.



  1. I love how the holo on Luxury Chocolate is coarser looking if that makes any sense... I feel like the holo bits are larger than other holos I've seen. Purple Unicorns is gorgeous too :)

    1. The holo in Luxury Chocolate is definitely more intense but not so much that it obliterates the base color. It reminds me a bit of the original OPI My Private Jet but not as dark.