Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nail Stuff and Other Stuff

Happy Thursday! I almost feel like saying Happy Sun-Day because the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's still freezing cold outside. Well, two out of three is pretty good, considering.

So, today I have a couple of different things to share. First of all, these.

Can I just say yummers! I love white chocolate and I love Reese's so how genius is it to put them both together? Of course, they've probably been out other years, this is just the first year I've seen them and they are very dangerous but very good.

Next there's this.

No, I'm not going to get into the selfie habit but I thought since I already did one with my former hair, I should at least do one with my new hair. Took a lot off. I was kind of shocked when I looked down at the floor and saw just how much length I got rid of. Still have the coloring part to do but that will have to wait until the weekend. I also got a large round brush so I can give it some nice volume when I want something different. 

Ok, now to the nail stuff.

As I posted before, I bought the Zoya Color Lock system in the hopes of finding a base/topcoat combo that would allow my mani's to last more than a day or two. This isn't all of it but these are the ones I used for today's mani. Anchor is the base, Armor is the top and the Fast Drops are fast drying drops used after the top coat is applied. I do like those. I was able to use my hands within just a few minutes without worrying if I'd ruin all the work I'd just put in. I also used the Nailtiques oil at the last but that was mainly to refresh the cuticles after cleaning up with Zoya Remove Plus.

Anchor, Armor and Fast Drops
 L'Oreal Too Dimensional?

Took advantage of the sun for these pics. Mani was done this morning before I went out for the hair cut and I even took a shower when I came home to get rid of the tiny little hairs left over before these pics were taken. Granted, that's not a perfect test of this system but I don't plan to take this mani off until Saturday, at the earliest. It will come off Sunday since I have a ton of swatching to do.

I also have the Orly Bonder and Orly In A Snap to try out. That's what I'll use for my next full mani.

Been wanting to try Bonder for a while but it's so  popular, I think it sells out about as soon as CVS restocks it. I could get it at Sally's but never think to pick it up there for some reason. Since I prefer a fast dry top coat, I got the In A Snap. I'll post my experience with it sometime next week.

Back on my stay-cation again after working yesterday - not a stellar day for me, though. We had more winter weather, I chipped the polish on three nails on my right hand then chipped the actual nail on the pointer finger of my left hand somehow. Other stuff happened that just made the whole day one that I wanted to end really quickly. So, what does a nailista do when she's having a horrible rotten day? This....

what? I told you it was a bad day
l to r: Revlon Wintermint and Wild Violets, Nicole That's What I Mint and I Lilac Gumdrops, 
Sally Hansen Coral Reef and Red Carpet, Revlon Moonlit Woods and Italian Leather

Actually, I went into a CVS last night to see if they had the Orly Bonder, they didn't but I did see quite a few of those yellow signs offering CVS bucks with the purchase of so many of a certain item. The Revlons and Nicoles were part of that kind of offer. The Sally's weren't but I wanted the colors, so there. All in all, I got 18 CVS bucks out of the whole deal, 4 of those because the lady behind me let me scan my card for her purchases and she had something that qualified for 4 CVS bucks. Then I met some good friends at Starbucks and that really made a bad day end pretty well.

Like I said, lots of swatching to do. Think I better do a no buy until the end of the month....unless something really special crosses my path. 

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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