Sunday, March 16, 2014

Polish Review: Sweet Heart Polish

*Disclaimer: The Sweet Heart Polish products were sent to me for my honest review. My opinion was in no way influenced.

Happy Swatch Day, Sunday! And yes, I really should change swatching days. Yesterday was so sunny and today, not so much. Oops, just looked around and yes, the sun did finally come out. Too bad it's AFTER I've taken pics. (grumble, grumble)

Anyway, I have for you the three polishes sent to me by Cassandra of Sweet Heart Polish.

L to R: Mermaid's Magic, Orly Pretty Ugly, Book of Amun-Ra, 
Sinful Colors Leather Loose, Josh, Cherimoya Angel/Demon

I chose to swatch these a little differently. On the ring and pointer finger, I did four coats of each polish alone and on the thumb, middle and pinkie, I put two coats of polish over what I had hoped would be a complimentary color. Not sure I made the right choice for one of them but you can judge that for yourself.

From application to removal, all three were a pleasure to work with. Since all three are glitters, it was a pleasant surprise to find that I didn't need to use the foil method to remove them, especially since I am out of foil. I just held the remover soaked pad against the nail for a minute and all polish came off almost cleanly. Formula is excellent and dry time was fairly quick. All pics are without base but with top because I believe the right top coat enhances most glitters and holos.

I also have to praise the brushes in these. Not too thick but not too thin, definitely not mop-like. They were the perfect size for my nails, even the pinkie. I think the brush is part of how smoothly these polishes went on. 

Ok, enough tell, time for show.  First up is Mermaid's Magic by herself and over Orly Pretty Ugly. 

 natural light
 natural light
natural light (a bit closer to the window)

Mermaid's Magic has a blue/green base with a strong green shift. It's full of various sizes of glitter: extra large, medium and small circles along with small squares. I managed to fish out two of the larger circles for the pointer and ring but the others came out on their own. I love how the one on the thumb just kind of parked itself at the tip and stayed there. As you may or not be able to tell, she's still a bit sheer after four coats. If you don't like visible nail line, I do recommend you put this over a base. Cassandra said this one was a one off that was named by a fan and I believe the name is a perfect fit.

Next is Book of Amun-Ra by itself and over Sinful Colors Loose Leather. 

 natural light
 natural light
 camera flash
camera flash

Book of Amun-Ra is part of the Death is Only the Beginning collection. Very sheer by itself after four coats but I would wear it this way for a gilded nail look. This one is a yellow/gold base with tiny holographic glitters and a strong gold shimmer. I was hoping it would look better over the Sinful than it actually did, though. Again, you all judge for yourselves if it's a fail or not.

And, last but not least, we have Josh, part of the Superfine collection, which I seriously have to get now because just look at what Josh did to Cherimoya's Angel/Demon.

 camera flash
 daylight lamp
camera flash

Pardon me while I drool a bit here. My bright window failed me on this one so I had to improvise. And now that I look at the pics, I don't believe that extra coat made it to the ring finger. Josh does build nicely to a slightly opaque and lighter version of himself (well, it's named after a boy, isn't it?). 

My eyes just keep going back to the red combo. Wow. It's rare that I'm completely taken by surprise by a polish combo but this one did surprise me. If tomorrow wasn't Saint Patrick's, it would definitely be on my nails for at least a few days.

Ok, Penny. Stop staring at the picture and move along.

That's it for today. I'm off to do my Saint Patrick's nails for tomorrow. Just saw a great water marble tutorial by Colett of My Simple Little Pleasures that I'm seriously considering trying - on one nail, at least. I'll be sharing that mani with you tomorrow.

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.



  1. I love them all Penny!! Thank you so much and Josh looks WONDERFUL over that red!! Thank you again!! <3 <3

    1. You're welcome, Cassandra. The red mani is going to be my next one, for sure.