Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quick Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Update

Happy Saturday!

As some of us await the latest snowmageddon to happen, thought I would show off what a week with Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil has done for my nails. Just took off the Dots Crazy mani - really didn't want to but the wear was really beginning to show. 

Pics are all after mani removal (obviously) and after the coating of oil had finished soaking in.

 left before
 left one week later
 right before
right one week later

You can even tell how the growth rate increased by looking at the right hand ring finger. No longer a wreck, is it? Now if it'll just remain intact and not split. That will be the next greatest test of this oil, at least for me. That nail has been a problem for the last couple of years and one reason why my nails only get so long before I have to chop them all off even again.

Also, I have been battling what I've been calling a nail fungus - where the nail bed will die off and the nail start lifting.  My doctor, though, has disagreed with this diagnosis and has said that I experience this because I am diabetic and nail polish prevents air from getting to the nail, etc. All I know is, when I use a product intended to eliminate nail fungus, the lifting stops and the nail will sometimes even reattach itself. 

Whatever it is that causes it, I will sometimes see more lifting after I remove a manicure that's been on as long as Dots Crazy stayed on. But, no lifting this time. Not even slightly. I credit the oil with that.

Now, I'm not saying that if you have a nail fungus or some other issue like it that the oil will eliminate it but I am saying that I am seeing that extra benefit from using it. I must add, though, that I have been battling this issue for over 2 years now and found only one product that actually worked for me - Dr. G's Clear Nail.

I've only stopped using it recently and hopefully will not need it again - ever. But even as good as Dr. G's is, it still took the better part of two years before I could say that I do believe I am now fungus free.

The kind of nail fungus I had is very hard to get rid of once you get it. I won't get into all of the gory details here but the short of it is, damage to the cuticle can let the spore in and it will quickly spread to all of the nails if not stopped. That's one reason why it's very important not to cut the cuticle or even push it back too often. The cuticle is the protective barrier that is supposed to keep out things like nail fungus.

And now you've gotten more than I intended to impart today but after having finally gotten rid of the stuff, I don't want anyone else to suffer with it like I did. It's really annoying and can lead to loss of the nail if not treated.

On to something a bit more pleasant. I was just notified that my pre-order of two of the Zoya Awaken line along with my free bottle of Monet is on its way to me as we speak. I purchased Hudson and Rebel but have plans to get the others once my tax refunds show up. Now that I've seen live swatches of them all, I want them all. I've also seen beautiful swatches of the Spring Pixie Dust polishes and will probably snag a few of those as well.

Zoya, you are really hard on my nail polish budget!

That's it for now.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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