Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Nails!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

Here's what I'm wearing even as you read this.

I'm also testing out Orly Bonder base and In A Snap top so I guess the picture really should look like this..

lookit there - even in the order they were applied

The Bonder was very thin, almost watery but that actually made it easier to do a thin coat without flooding my cuticles. Bonder dried to a matte finish. In A Snap was also a bit watery and that made it hard to get a good coating to start with but it quickly thickened up to where it was almost normal. It is a fast dry so that's to be expected.

After the Bonder, I had to use 3 coats of HD nails, which is such a nice shade of Spring green with the same color of shimmer. Unfortunately, I still didn't get complete coverage after 3 coats. It dragged a bit, too, but that could be from not giving the first coat enough time to dry before applying the second. Next came 2 coats of I'll Behave, which is a ton of green micro glitter and some larger silver round glitter in a clear base. Two coats really gave my nails a bright shine that looks almost fluid in real life. Camera didn't want to capture that, though.

 daylight lamp
 camera flash
 incandescent - tried to get it blurry but for once my camera actually captured a close up, 
I do think this shows the fluidity I was talking about a bit better
camera flash

I know I mentioned yesterday that I saw a shamrock water marble that I was tempted to try but once I got done, I love this so much, I really didn't want to cover any of it up with black polish. So, sorry but no shamrocks today.

Now for the Orly's....I can only really speak for In A Snap right now and I have to say, despite my misgivings about not using the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I am pretty impressed with In A Snap. 

My test of an instant dry top coat is to run a nail over my teeth after a few minutes to see if the polish still feels squishy. With Insta-Dri, I usually have to wait a bit before I even try it. With In A Snap, I didn't even need my teeth to know if it was dry. I took a chance and ran a finger over my left thumb immediately after applying top coat to the right pinky. The nail was perfectly dry to the touch. So, I decided on the ultimate test right then and there - removing clothes from the dryer. 

Normally, I wouldn't even consider doing something like this so soon after a manicure. I was still a bit unsure so once I got down the stairs, I did the tooth test to make sure I really wanted to do it and found that yes, my nail polish was completely dry and not at all squishy. 

Let's count the coats, shall we? Base, 3 coats of color, 2 thick coats of glitter and 1 coat of top. That's 7 coats of polish that dried completely with no squish whatsoever in about five or ten minutes. 

I am very happy to say that I removed the clothes from the dryer without even trying to be careful and experienced absolutely no mishaps. Need proof? Just look at my pictures again. These were taken after emptying the dryer and fixing myself something to eat for supper, including washing my hands first. How's that for an instant dry top coat? Like I said, I am impressed. Now we'll see just how long it takes for the first chip to appear.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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