Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zoya Overload

Happy Hump Day! It's downhill from here, right? Here's hoping. While we look forward to the other side of Hump Day, I have the entire Zoya Awaken collection, Monet and the Spring Pixies for you.

I had considered doing these in three separate posts but since I'm here anyway, might as well just lay'em all on ya! Here we go.

The Awaken collection along with Monet.

Lovely spring colors, three shimmers, one chrome finish and two creams. And, of course, the Monet topper. All pics are three coats (except for the creams), no base or top. All taken under a daylight lamp since the sun was playing hookey the day I took them.

Let me talk about Monet first since the third pic you will see of each of the Awakens is with Monet on top.

Monet is definitely a topper. I swatched on a white paper plate because it was easier. Not the best pic in the world but at least you can see the colors in it.

The base looks like a sheer pink in the bottle and the glitters are quite shiny in the right light. Camera didn't capture that, though. The formula was very thick. I did some thinning but still had to use the dab technique to get enough of the glitters on the nails. In the pic with Monet, it's two dabbed coats.

First up is Rebel, a bright sky blue with very tiny multi-colored glitters. The shimmer color depends on the light you're in. Pictures show silver but I've also see a strong gold in here, too.

Next is Dillon. I love this seafoam green color. As with Rebel, Dillon has tiny multi-colored glitters, the strongest being gold and silver depending on your light.

The final shimmer is Hudson, a nice shade of purple. Hudson shows more of the different colors in the glitter more of the time. I occasionally saw what looked to be a pink shift but again, it depended on the light as well as the angle. Still, Hudson is pretty and probably my favorite of them all, which should surprise no one.

The only one with a chrome-like finish is Brooklyn, a pale yellow gold. Brooklyn is very frosty and will show the brush marks if you aren't careful. Monet kind of hid all that, though.

don't know why these photos are so dark

And now for the creams. But first, let me say that I usually don't wear many creams and especially not ones this pastel. You're going to see some bald spots despite putting on four coats. Normally, if I'm wearing a cream, I'm probably going to put something over it to cover the baldness. But these are part of the collection so....

This is Cole, an orange leaning peach, though it looks pretty neutral in the pictures. In real life, the color kind of reminds me of orange sherbet.

And this is Dot, baby pink and no doubt about it. I always say I'm not a pink kind of girl but this is one I would wear. I like how it looks on me, I just need to get better at putting on pastel cream polish.

Of all of them, I think I liked Monet best over Dot and then Rebel.

And now for the Pixies.

Not sure adding the large holographic glitters was such a good idea, actually. I've have one other Pixie, Liberty, as well as other textured polishes and I didn't have nearly the trouble with them that I did with the Spring Pixies. I blame the additional glitter. 

I found these just a tad sheer with two coats, not a whole lot but i could still see some nail line at certain angles. I would probably need one more coat to be completely opaque, which I never thought I'd say about a textured polish. 

Still, these do have a charm all their own and I will wear them as full manicures eventually. No base or top in any of these pics and all were taken in front of the brightest window in the house so all are in natural light.

 Cosmo (looks a bit on the blue side here but really isn't)



My favorite of these? Vega. Lots of nice blue color there. 

Whew! That was a lot but one final pic for you. I finally ordered the huge-o size of the Zoya Remove Plus and not sure what I was expecting but the size of the bottle surprised me.

One tip...fill the flipper over the sink cuz this is a lot of polish remover and that bottle is heavy!

Zoya overload complete. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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