Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crazy, Crazy Week

Hello. Sorry I've been out of touch this week but it's just been that kind of week. My father had skin cancer surgery on Tuesday (he's fine, by the way) and work has been....there. But it's Saturday night, at least it will be for the next 45 minutes as I write this. Will probably be Sunday morning by the time this goes live. 

This post will be another mish-mash of stuff. I will be doing the plastic wrap mani tomorrow - got the base color on now - NYC Empire State Blue. 

with flash
I've had this one for a while and I am now wondering why I've waited so long to wear it. It's just gorgeous. As the pic shows, what you see in the bottle is definitely not what you get on the nail. The green shimmer is just so prominent. I can't even call it a green shift because it's just always there. 

 daylight lamp
 daylight lamp - managed to get it to look blue finally
daylight lamp - and here's the green again

It's going to be hard to cover this beauty up but I'll make the sacrifice because I think what I'm planning is going to be just as pretty. Here's my test swatch on a paper plate.

You can see the names of the polishes I'll be using - all are NYC polishes. I actually used pieces of a plastic shopping bag for this since that's what was handy. 

Here is another tester I did with a brown base and beige, pink and peach polish - all Zoya. The brown base is Codie and the other three I used were Summer - the beige, Dot - the pink, and Cole - the peach. 

I used pieces of a kitchen trash bag for these and I think I prefer using that over the shopping bag and even the plastic wrap, to be honest. The shopping bag was a little stiffer while the plastic wrap is much more flimsy. The garbage bag seemed the best option, to me. I was going to do the brown one until I was looking at another blog and was reminded that this is Autistic Awareness Month and blue is the color. I will probably do the brown one later on.

More on the plastic bag/wrap mani tomorrow. Next I want to show you what I found at my local Walgreens.

l to r: Sherbet Sweetheart, Blueberry Whizz, Violet Swizzle, Fizzy Applelicious, Candyfloss Cutie

These are Rimmel's contribution to the textured polish trend. Aren't these just the cutest? The minute I saw them I knew they'd become an Easter skittle manicure. Can't wait!

Sally Hansen also has something new out...

l to r: Beach Ball, Carnival, Fruit Ta-Ta (say what?)

These are matte hex glitters in a clear base. My enabler at the cosmetic counter told me they look like Easter eggs and yeah, I do believe they do. It looks like the bottles are packed full of glitter but getting them out is going to take some fishing, I'm afraid. Not that I mind fishing, as long as the end result is something spectacular. I'll let you all know how it goes with these.

That's not quite all but if I want this to count for a Saturday post, I need to quit now. Again, sorry for being AWOL this week. Hopefully I'll be back on track after tonight.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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