Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Nail Technique: Plastic Wrap

Happy Sunny-Day. Just my luck. The sun is here and I'm not doing swatches today. Oh, well. I am doing something fun so let's get right to it.

This technique is fun to do but very, very messy. Even messier than the gradient that I did. On the other hand, this technique is a lot more random, which is probably why I really like it. No two nails are exactly least on me, anyway. And, this is another great manicure extender.

First, the'll need a base color and at least one other color that is contrasting enough to know that you used it. I know I already showed you the colors I'm using but here they are again.

l to r: NYC Classic Coral Cream, Empire State Blue, Skyline Blue

Next, you'll need as many crumpled up plastic whatevers as you are planning to use colors. Since my base was already about a day old and well hardened, I opted for the shopping bag plastic instead of the kitchen garbage bag or actual plastic wrap. If I were to do this all at one time, I would use one of the other options so that the base doesn't get too disturbed. That happened with the test I did on the acrylic nail using the shopping bag plastic. I would probably use the garbage bag for doing this all in one sitting since it's got more body than the plastic wrap but play around with it and decide what works best for you.

Now, there are two ways to use the plastic whatever in this technique and either one will work. You can paint one coat of your contrasting color on the nail then immediately dab at the wet polish with the plastic to remove enough to achieve the effect you want. Or, you can dab some polish on a paper plate or piece of scrap paper and apply the polish with the plastic. Or you might end up using both techniques as I did with this mani. If too much polish goes on, you can use a clean part of the plastic to pick up the excess polish.

If you choose to apply the polish with the plastic, dab the crumpled plastic into the puddle of polish then dab onto the nail. If you're only using one other color, put on enough polish to get the look you want. 

If using more than one, as I did, rotate the colors until it looks the way you want it to. 

I even alternated by nail which color went on first then once I was satisfied with the two, I went back in with my base on a clean plastic and added that where I wanted more of the base color. Here I am, all done and pre-cleanup.

This cleanup required cotton swabs to get the worst of it before I went in with my normal cleanup brush. This is post cleanup and pre-topcoat. I think you can see just how rough the texture is. 

I used two coats of my topcoat and there's still a bit of texture but I don't really care if it's perfectly smooth or not. A third coat of topcoat would probably get it perfectly smooth, though.

So, that's how a plastic wrap manicure is done. As always, if you need to see the technique in action, jump over to YouTube and do a search for plastic wrap manicure or it's also called Saran wrap manicure. 

The next technique I'll be doing is a tape manicure. I'll be doing an Easter skittle first with the Rimmel's I just got and then I'll do the tape manicure. I'll try not to be so late with that one.

I'm off to do the other hand since I do plan to wear this one. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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