Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Happy/Sad Face

Hi there! From the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. And all in just one evening.

The high was when I got home to find a small package waiting for me and this is what was inside...

I was lucky enough to snag one of the Ellagee/You Polish collaboration boxes with the dolphin polishes. 

These are so cute. I can't believe they actually found holographic glitter in the shape of dolphins. And what a great idea to create a box with two polishes made of the same glitter.

From Ellagee, we have ERMAHGERD! DOLPHINS!.

As you can see, this is a bright magenta pink with those pretty little dolphins inside along with small hexes and squares in both multi-colored and holographic. The base is a jelly so it is sheer. When I'm able to wear it, I will probably put it over a matching base color. And you can probably see at the edge of the pic why I say it that way. That is the sad face part but I'll get to that later.

Also from Ellagee is one of her cute key chains with beach elements inside that are actually shakeable. 

Picture didn't come out exactly perfect, especially after I cropped it but you get the idea. I didn't even see the pearls until I shook it a bit. There's tiny blue and pink rocks along with tiny seashells and I do believe there is holographic glitter mingled in with the sand. I love these little key chains. I also have one coated in Rainbow Fish, another Ellagee creation.

From You Polish, we have Swimming With Dolphins, a deep blue jelly with the same holographic dolphins as well as a ton of holographic hexes. 

I was really trying to get the dolphins to show up in this pic but you can see the twinkling of the holographic glitters here.

There was also a surprise from You Polish included in the box - earrings made from the polish.

I love how she got the dolphins to be nose to nose. I don't normally wear earrings but maybe these will start a trend for me. The piercings in my ears are still open, amazingly enough, so I was able to get them in.

Now for the sad face part of this post. 

I keep my stash in plastic envelope storage boxes I got from Office Max. The boxes are stacked three high on a shelf underneath my computer desk. I sort the stash by color grouping and was pulling out the box with blues in it when the bottles shifted and I nearly lost my grip on the box. No biggee. Nothing hit the floor and all I had to do was set the bottles back up again, right? I found out how wrong that was when I went to scratch an itch on my face and the nail I was using was ragged. That's when I saw that the nails on the middle and ring finger were broken - on my swatching hand, no less. 

So, it's back to nubbins for Ten Penny Nails. I wasn't going to share a pic but I guess it couldn't hurt. And we can consider this my 7 week Pure Oil update. This pic was taken post oil so it looks kind of shiny. Oh, and the staining is still there from the green nail polish a couple weeks ago. I'll be interested to see how much of that staining is left after a week of nothing but pure nail oil. That's one of the things this oil does - fade staining.

Ok. Deep breath. Here we go.

The break on the middle fingernail of the left hand was pretty close to the quick, as you can probably see. And yes, that is one of those hemorrhage things on the side of the middle nail of the right hand. Not sure how that happened, though.

Unfortunately, this probably means no polish for the rest of the week but at least I can give them a good dousing with Pure Nail Oil in the meantime. I'll still do the Easter skittle next weekend but the tape manicure will have to wait until my nails are a bit longer. What I have planned will require more nail surface than is available at the moment. 

But, my nails do grow rather quickly and even more so since I've been using the pure nail oil. It won't be long before they are back to my normal length.

So that's the happy/sad news from this neck of the woods. When I feel like I have enough nail to swatch the dolphin polishes properly, I will.  Probably within the next couple of weeks or three, I hope. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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