Saturday, April 12, 2014

Recent Haul and Other Stuff

Hi there! It's Saturday, finally. Meant to post this yesterday but a tummy bug got in the way. One of those short duration ones so feeling better today.

I had previously mentioned a haul from Amazon that came and here it is...

Some of these are new to me brands and some are old favorites. First, the ones new to me.

 Mineral Fusion Emerald Sand, Meadow, Galaxy

The shape of the bottles is unusual - more flat than round. They'll definitely fit into the tight spots in the stash boxes. I thought that Emerald Sand and Meadow would look good together. It's one of the combos I want to try after this month - which I've never explained why I'm doing so many blue manicures this month, have I? Explanation later on in the post for those that may not already know.

Morgan Taylor Something to Blog About and Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast

The Morgan Taylor one is a full on dupe of something else in my stash - China Glaze No Plain Jane. I thought it would be but still wanted it because of the name. I also found the name of the Barielle a bit interesting since the polish is definitely not champagne colored. But it does sparkle.

And the old friends - one of which may be the first one I wear in May. Bet you can guess which one.

 Color Club The Uptown (omg!), Masquerading and Alias

OPI Nicole My Cherry Amour, Sally Hansen Blizzard Blue

The OMG gave it away, didn't it? That picture doesn't even do The Uptown any kind of justice at all but at least you can see a glimpse of what this one does. Those are glitter flakies in there that do that wonderful color shift through practically the entire rainbow....just like a certain other vintage polish that is way too expensive to buy but I would love to have in my stash. 

Ok, I'll say it. Clarins 230 AKA Unicorn Pee. The holy grail of nail polish and I have a close but not exact dupe of it in my hands right now! Gasp! 

Breathe, Penny.

Ok, back to business. 

By the way, gotta be honest. The OPI Nicole was actually purchased at Kroger only because there were 9 from Amazon and, you know, had to make it 10, right? What?

Now the 'other stuff' is the manicure I'm currently wearing and the reason everything is coming up blue this month. April is Autism awareness month and blue is the color. The rest of the manicures I wear this month will have some kind of blue in them. 

My current manicure started out with Zoya Rebel.

Three coats and sorry, no bottle shot. I forgot to take one before I put the glitter on. I put Rebel on Wednesday night, I believe, and even today there were no chips and if there was any tip wear, I couldn't see it. 

On top of Rebel went Radiant by Revlon. Two coats.

I had tried to use Radiant all by itself but just couldn't get it fully opaque enough. I put on Rebel thinking it would be a good base but once I got it on, I didn't want to cover it up. But since I get bored easily, I had to do something or take it off and go bare naked until tomorrow and didn't want to do that so....a Radiant Rebel mani was born. Ha! See what I did there? Anyway.....(eyes rolling)....

Guess that's it for now. Still working on a design for that tape manicure that's coming after the Easter skittle. Cutting it close again this month but it is coming. 

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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