Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zoya Dream - Amazing Polish

Midweek, ya'll! We're halfway to the weekend. And it can't come soon enough for me. Seriously ready for some R & R, even if it is only for two short days. Ah, well. Wishing my life away.

So, last night I was lamenting the loss of some functionality of the camera app I had been enjoying recently. The one I downloaded to replace it isn't going to be that much better, unfortunately. The pics I'm about to show were taken with both cameras and honestly, I can't remember which was which and there's really no difference in them anyway so I'll stop this run-on sentence now and just get to the pics. (breathe!)

Zoya Dream was one of the polishes I got earlier this year during one of the many Zoya promotions. It was a buy three/get three if I remember correctly. Anyway, Dream was so popular that it ended up on back order but I'm so glad I didn't cancel and get something else. This polish is something else and I think I'd end up with so-so pictures of it even if I had a top of the line camera. But there's enough here to give anyone a pretty good idea of what this beauty looks like if you don't already know. I may be wearing this one the rest of the week.

And I said I'd get to the pics, didn't I? Let me say a bit more about the pics first. Some are outside in the sun and some are inside with flash. The pictures I took without flash were ok and did show the rich blue of the jelly base but the whole point of the polish is the chunky, scattered holo. Someone said to me today that it looked like the night sky. I'd have to agree. Well, the night sky where there are no city lights. Ever seen that? Boy, is it a sight.

Right! Pics! Sorry.

These are all in sunlight.

Wow, white balance must have really been off on this one.
I sure don't have lobster hands in real life, LOL!

And these were taken at my desk under my daylight lamp with flash.

The last two are blurred intentionally to make holographic colors more visible. This is more what it looks like in real life. Well, more in focus, obviously, but you get the idea.

Bet I took over 50 pictures, including the ones taken last night. There is so much depth to this polish that the camera just can't capture.

Guess I should also tell you that this is three coats of Dream over two coats of Anchor with two coats of Armor as well as one coat of Orly In A Snap. All that polish was not drying fast enough so I had to give it a little encouragement. As it was, I ended up with sheet marks on the right hand. The left remain unscathed, thank goodness. But even if it had been marred, I really don't think it would be noticeable amid all that sparkly, holo-y goodness.

That's it for tonight. Unless something comes in the mail later this week, I'll probably have random swatches for you this weekend. 

Or if I lose my mind and decide I'm bored with Dream and repaint tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. 


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