Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zoya Dream with Color Club The Uptown

Happy Swatch Day Sunday!

Today I have for you something I really hated to take off but every manicure must come to an end sometime - especially when the chips happen. This one was no exception but boy, did I enjoy looking at this one all day.

You remember Zoya Dream, right? 

As if anyone could forget something so pretty.

And you remember that I recently received Color Club The Uptown in a recent Amazon haul. Well, guess what happens when they meet?

No, not that. This!

 no flash, fluorescent lighting
flash, daylight lighting

Could you just die? Ok, a bit melodramatic there but seriously, look at how gorgeous this combo is. This was one coat so that you can still see Dream peeking out from beneath. Just love, love, love this combo! 

And yes, there is a green shift but it's very hard to capture taking the pic by myself so I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of this one but at least you can see the shift in it.

no flash, daylight lighting

The green does get more brilliant than this but that angel is next to impossible to capture with the camera.

And did I remember to take a picture of me holding the bottle? No. The famous hand was already wrapped in tin foil by the time I remembered and the Cinderella hand was where all the worst chips were but trust me, you'll be seeing this one again. I also want to try The Uptown over a bunch of different colors. 

I was very productive today so there will be plenty of posts coming up. Took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine by swatching some of the textured polishes I haven't shown here yet. Could have done holo's today as well but didn't think of it soon enough. I'll save that for another weekend. But not next weekend. I do believe I'll be able to do the tape manicure next weekend.

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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