Friday, May 23, 2014

Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast

TGIF, everybody! Long weekend ahead, which is awesome. Hoping to organize The Room, although the Helmers are still at the IKEA store and will probably stay there for a while. Really wish I had them now but that's the way it is. 

Anyway, since I clearly forgot to schedule a post for today, thought I would quickly share what I just put on my nails - Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast. 

Purple foil with tiny pink glitter that ran and hid as I was trying take pictures. They are rather sparse in there and I just couldn't entice them to show themselves but trust me, it's very nice effect.

See that thumbnail? Very sad. Broke a couple of nights ago, way down. Didn't hurt because it kind of peeled off down near the quick. I filed as far down as I dared. Good thing they are growing fast with the Pure Nail Oil so I should be able to square it off soon.

Now, I did manage to get some sun pics but as you'll see, that really changed the color.

 really like my hand position in this one

Looks gray now but you can really see the foil finish here.

I've been watching some tutorials on applying polish and clean up. My recent efforts weren't as stellar as they could be and I want to make them better. This polish isn't a stainer so clean up was pretty easy with the ELF but I did some fine tuning with a different brush and it went a bit better. It's all about the practice, I guess.

Anyway, there you have a quick update in lieu of a post that I failed to schedule. More posts waiting in the wings for editing and writing so good thing I have a 4 day weekend.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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