Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

Hello. Today we're taking a look at a new to me polish brand, Mineral Fusion.

I kept seeing this brand on Amazon whenever I looked for something new. The brand can also be found on the DermStore as well as the Mineral Fusion website.

These are the three I purchased from Amazon.

Meadow, Emerald Sands, Galaxy

The first one we'll look at is Meadow.

Meadow is a cream in that lovely spring green color. Formula was fairly easy to work with, although, I do recommend a ridge filling base coat since I couldn't get complete coverage on my ring finger as it has the deepest ridges. Too many strokes of the brush, however, will result is a bit of drag. A fourth coat took care of any bald spots.

Emerald Sands is a glitter top coat and I bought it thinking it would be perfect over Meadow and I was right.

This is two coats of Emerald Sands. The glitters in this one are gold but do seem to have a bit of holographic property to them. The sheer base appears to be a teal green.

Finally, here's Galaxy. Please forgive the lousy cleanup job. Just when you think you have it all, pictures tell the truth and I had already removed the polish before posting.

Galaxy has a jelly base in a dark, blackened blue with large green and blue glitters as well as smaller blue glitter. This is four coats. Not sure if it's the consistency of this one but I had to put a lot of polish on the brush to keep bald spots at bay and it was hard to control where it went. Still, the effort was most worth it, I'd say. I do love this one.

Overall, I am impressed with Mineral Fusion polishes. Their website seems to have the largest selection and the cost is reasonable at $7.99. 

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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