Thursday, May 15, 2014

More of the Green One But Different

Hi, again. 

Still have the green one on but changed things up with a coat of Sinful Colors You Just Wait. 

It added a nice lime green shimmer that shifts to a reddish gold that gives the polish a burnished look. It's gotta be at the right angle, however, that makes it really hard to capture, though I did try. 

The sun did make an appearance to so I could get some pics in sunlight and did get a bit of that shift to show up enough to see.

You may remember that I bought a new bottle of You Just Wait because mine is getting low. Once I decided to put this on, I got to see the two together and they are definitely not the same. 

The new one is a lot more pink but the same golden green shift is there. It's the older one I put over the green franken, however. 

I thought about doing something additional but I like this too much to change it further. Besides, there's no wear on them yet and no chips so I think I'll keep it on a little longer.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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