Sunday, May 18, 2014

New At Walgreens

Happy Sunday! Surprised at the early post? Actually got started swatching yesterday since I had so many I wanted to get done this weekend. Lefty appreciated the long rest period between swatching sessions.

As I mentioned yesterday, I stopped at Walgreens on the way home from work Friday and picked up some of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils. For some reason, I never remember to take pictures of the displays that I find but you can see a good pic here. Nouveau Cheap always seems to be one of the first to see and document the newest finds. A good blog to follow. This post also contains a link to another good blogger to follow, Nihrinda, and her post explaining the different polish finishes. In that post, she does explain the difference between a chrome and foil finish.

So, here you have the 5 that I picked up out of the 10 available. I will hit that display again next payday and hopefully snag the other 5 so I have the entire collection.

l to r: Minted Metal, Cobalt Chrome, Leaden Lilac, Purple Alloy, Pink Platinum 

Apparently the consensus is that these might be reissues of the original chromes Sally Hansen put out years ago. That was before I got into nail polish so I don't have any myself but I believe Amazon does have a source for those because I have seen them there. I look for somebody who has the originals to do comparisons at some point.

The formula on these is very fluid so it's advisable to watch the amount of polish on the brush to avoid cuticle flooding. Also, you'll want to shake these well before applying to make sure the metallic part and color part are well mixed. And these are metallic in nature so brush strokes will show a bit. 

Dry time is excellent - thumbnail was completely dry by the time the pinkie was painted. Removal was easy, no foil method needed. Just one cotton round for all five nails.

Application instructions on the back of the bottles state, "Shake well. Apply 2 coats. For best results, use without base or top coat. Touch up as needed." My swatches are 2 coats, no base or top but as you'll be able to see, without a base coat every imperfection of the nail will be amplified. 

I suppose if you are blessed with perfectly smooth nails or wear acrylics that can be sanded down perfectly smooth, you'll be able to follow the recommended instructions. Me, I'll be using base coat when I wear any of these as a full manicure. Top coat, too, probably. I hate having to constantly touch up a manicure.

Ok, on to the pics. All are with flash because the color just didn't pop without it. It was next to impossible to capture these without some kind of flash glare - even without the flash. The color on the nail in real life can be darker or lighter, depending on the angle and the lighting.

First up is Minted Metal - a mint green, as the name implies.

Next is Cobalt Chrome - the blue of the family.

Then there's Leaden Lilac - a blue leaning purple. 

The other  purple is the more red leaning Purple Alloy.

And finally, the pink one - Pink Platinum.

As I said, I will definitely be wearing a ridge filling base coat with these as well as top coat. I'll do one of these as a full manicure after all the swatching is done and you'll see what that looks like in another post.

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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