Monday, May 19, 2014

New Sinful Colors at Walgreens

Hi there! It is Monday but I have some happy newness to show you. Sinful has put out some new colors and I have 5 of them to show you. 

l to r: Embers Only, Ruby Mine, Steel My Heart, Blue La La, From Sheer to Eternity

The range of newness goes from creams to shimmers to glitters. Price is the usual $1.99. 

In order of appearance, first we have Embers Only - a nice red with magenta and gold micro-glitters and small circle glitter in silver. The base kind of masks the glitter and the finish is a bit bumpy but the red is nice enough to make up the lack of bling.

Next is Ruby Mine - a red textured polish with gold and red glitters.

And then there's Steel My Heart - a plum base with purple shimmer. 

The blue one is Blue La La - a periwinkle blue cream. Normally, I don't like creams but this one I would wear - for a bit, anyway. Before I put some kind of topper on it. I look forward to seeing this one holo-fied.

The last one is From Sheer to Eternity - pale blue base with pink and light blue glitter. If you liked Cinderella, you'll like this one, too, because it's close enough to be a dup of Cinderella.

This is four coats and you can still see some nail line but From Sheer to Eternity is also a good topper. I put it over Blue La La and I really like the result.

Didn't intend for the last pic to be blurry but it does give you a good idea of the sparkle in From Sheer to Eternity.

Not sure if these are new core colors or if they're limited editions. Also not sure what new collections these are from because they were basically loose on the shelf and in a basket along with other colors I've seen before. Either way, I'll be looking for some more new ones soon.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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