Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten Penny Nails Attempts A Tape Mani

Happy Hump Day! Sorry I was AWOL again. We turned on the AC for the first time and that left me spending the weekend on antihistamines, which means I pretty much slept a 4 day weekend away. Happens whenever the AC or heat is turned on for the first time. Doesn't even matter if the filter is fresh or not. But the sinuses are better now, especially since we had some rain today that must have washed the allergy inducing gunk out of the air. At least temporarily.

So tonight I finally dug out that tape and got busy on my first tape manicure.

First, the tools. I used blue painter's tape, which you can get pretty much anywhere. Got mine at Amazon cuz they had it and I was ordering something else anyway. I've seen some people use regular tape and even masking tape and it works pretty well for them, although, I've had mishaps with regular tape pulling polish off my nail when it gets unintentionally stuck on there so I personally wouldn't recommend it. 

That's Sail La Vie and Tempest by Sinful you see there. Nice contrasting colors that pair perfectly. I used Sail La Vie as my base color and put that on last night with top coat so that it was completely dry before I slapped on that tape. If you want to do this all in one day, I would strongly recommend a quick dry top coat and an hour or so before doing the tape part. While painter's tape is less likely to lift your base color as you remove it, if your base is not completely and totally dry, it might still happen. And it's also possible for the tape to mar the finish on the base color so I think it's really best do the base color one day and the tape part the next.

Here is Sail La Vie in all her periwinkle glory.

This color is so pretty, I almost didn't want to do the tape part.

The next step is to cut some tape into small strips. The size of the strip depends upon the look you're going for. With my first nail, I just did a simple stripe. This called for two strips of tape about equal size so that I could position the stripe across the middle of the nail.

I then painted in the non-covered area a single, kind of thick coat but just enough that the base color didn't bleed through.

One good tip to keep in mind is to make sure that tape is as firmly attached to the nail as you can get it. Otherwise, the new color might work its way beneath the tape, where you really don't want it going. 

Now, there is some difference of opinion as to when you pull off that tape. Do you wait until the new polish is completely dry or pull it off as soon as the polish is on there? There seems to be good and bad to either way so basically I would say try it both ways and see what works best for you. For these photos, the new polish was nearly dry by the time I took the picture so there's another option. 

And here is what the stripe looked like once the tape came off.

Sorry for the blur but at least you can get a good idea. There is some ridging at the edges but after a bit of cleanup and top coat, the ridges are not really all that noticeable. You'll see what I mean here in a bit.

That was just a straight strip but what about something more interesting? Enter the pinking shears! Perfect tool for chevrons or even diamonds, which I didn't think about until just now. Drat! Next time.

Again with the blur! Seriously! Oh, well. Onward.

What else? Oh, I know. Color block - or in this case, color triangle.

And now for the cleaned up, top coated version.

Top coat works wonders for smoothing out ridges. I think I like the chevron best. Really wish I had thought of diamonds sooner, though.

But, you say, what if I want to use more than two colors? No problem. Just cut those strips a bit thinner and use the second one in a different position. Like this.

In retrospect, I probably should have done this one on the middle finger. I might have gotten that tape plastered down a bit better but now you can see what I mean by the new polish working its way under the tape. But, since I have the base color well top coated,  a bit of acetone and a small brush can fix that.

A bit better. Let's see if top coat can smooth this out.

Well, kind of. By the way, the darker color is Lavander. Yes, I know that's misspelled but that's how it is on the label.

Also by the way, as you can see, this method can also be used to create straight french tips with very little effort. That might just be my next project. Or, as I look at my right hand that hasn't had anything done to it yet, I can french tip it. Hmmm. 

So there you have the tape mani. As I've said before, if you want to see this method in action, head over to YouTube and search "tape manicure". Tons of video tutorials over there and lots of options for this method. You can even buy special manicure tape that's meant to be left on, another method for the tape manicure.

Well, that's all I have for now. Water marble is up for June (gulp!) and I have found a couple more ways it can be accomplished without actually sticking your finger in the water.  I will do that, too, but I want to try these other ways to see if I have better luck.  I will do my best to be on time with this one since the method needs lots and lots and lots of practice. 

Which reminds me, gotta get that water filter pitcher this weekend. I hear that's the best kind of water to use but more on that later. For now, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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