Thursday, May 8, 2014

Textured Polish! China Glaze Sea Goddess and Finger Paints New To The Core Line

Hi! Post number two of the textured polishes coming your way now featuring polishes from the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection and the new core line for Finger Paints.

I only picked up two from the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection and now wish I had gotten a couple more of them. Can you believe I actually passed up the purple one? I will have to make that one mine eventually. But I do still have the two so let's get right to it.

First, though, I have to mention the formula on these. Mine were a bit thinner than I would have liked, which made it hard to get good coverage. I had to use three coats and had a bit more trouble with the pink one than I did the blue one. The pink has a bit of larger size glitter in it and that may be why.

I just swatched it again on a nail wheel, though, and it went on smoothly so maybe it was the humidity or something the day I swatched on my nails. Who knows? I do know that all the trouble was worth it.

The pink one is called Shell We Dance? and is a bright pink with pink sparkles. All pics taken in sunlight.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again and again. I'm not a pink kind of girl but this is another one I would wear on occasion. 

Now for the blue - Seahorsin' Around.

I do love this shade of blue. My camera, however, did not. My fingers are in focus but the camera lost it with the sparkle-tude of this polish. It's got that blue-green thing going for it, even if all you see here is the blue part. 

And now we come to the Finger Paints. They recently released a number of core line additions and this polish is one of them - Hammered Terra Cotta.

Lots of bling here. A nice blend of pink, orange and gold glitters. If you're careful, you can actually make this one a one coater. I did two, just because.

Next up is the last of the L'Oreal Gold Dust polishes I finally picked up so I could have the complete set. Plus, one of them seemed like a dupe of Zoya's Vega so I did a comparison swatch. 

Thanks for reading and stayed tuned.


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