Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Textured Polish! First Up - Nicole Gumdrops

Hey, ya'll! Got the first of the textured polish posts for you today - Gumdrops from Nicole by OPI. These are my first Nicole's, by the way. Weird shaped bottle but the polish inside is rather nice. I will have to get me some more down the road to add to the ever growing stash.

When the textured trend first started, I wasn't sure I was interested but then I bought the first one and was hooked. For me, textured polish is a lot easier to work with. The formulas are generally thicker so it's easier to control where the polish goes. At least, that's what I've found. The formula on these, however, was a bit thinner but still pretty easy to work with. The bottle, on the other hand - not an easy one to get a good hold on to take a good picture. Lots of jostling and getting the pic taken quickly before I lost my grip.

Let's start with my favorite color - the purple one. I Lilac Gumdrops is the name. By the way, all pics were taken in sunlight.

This one is quite sheer. This was three coats and I could still see a bit of nail line. If that's a problem, just put this over a matching base. Lots of silver and purple sparkle here. Very feminine. It's the kind of color that reminds me of lacey lingerie for some reason.

Next, let's take a look at My Cherry Amour.

oops, didn't do a good clean up job on that thumb, did I?

A cranberry red with multi-colored sparkles. Three coats here as well. Kind of reminds me of Zoya's Blaze or OPI DS Extravagance. Since I have both of those, I may do a comparison post at some point in time - if I don't forget.

And finally, That's What I Mint.

I am so drawn to teal shades lately and this one was the first one of the Gumdrops that I picked up and mainly because of the color. That day I was already wearing a teal polish and just put this on over top and extended the wear that much longer. This one is also the blingy-est of the three. Lots of teal and green-gold shimmer to this one.

Post number one of the textures is now yours. Next up will be China Glaze's textured offering from their Sea Goddess collection and the only one I got from Finger Paints new core line. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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