Friday, May 9, 2014

Textured Polish! L'Oreal Gold Dust

Hey! Textured polish post number three. 

My first textured polish came from this collection - L'Oreal Gold Dust. For me, these were the ones everything else was compared to. All of the polishes from this collection performed smoothly and were so easy to work with, it's what made me decide that perhaps textured polish was a good thing to have.

I've already done 6 of the 9 colors in the collection. These are the final 3. 

Let's look at the gold one first - The Statement Piece. Pictures with camera flash because without it, there was just no bling.

I would say this one is aptly named. Why I kept passing it up, I've no idea now. I guess I thought, "Gold texture. Boring!" Obviously, I was very, very wrong. Combine gold with sliver and you get lots of bling. Texture was perfect, even if it does have those larger glitter. L'Oreal really got the textured thing right with these.

The black one next - and, sorry to say, my least favorite of the 9. This one's called Rough Around The Edges. Sun pics.

 no idea why the label looks blue here

Not a whole lot to say about this one. Your basic black with silver sparkles. Reminds me of the color of well composted earth. Sorry. Gotta be honest. Guess I could also say it looks like black caviar - the small kind. I'll still wear it, though, because it is pretty on.

Now for the blue - Pop The Bubbles. This is the one that I believed might be a close cousin to Zoya Vega. You'll get a chance to decide for yourself in a sec. These pics were with flash again. The sun just didn't do it justice.

I just could not get a decent pic of this one. For some reason, blues tend to confuse the camera app on my phone to the point where it will not take a good picture of this color if there's bling involved. And boy is there bling involved in this one. Again, a really smooth application here, as well.

Let's compare with Vega, shall we? Vega is on the thumb and pointer, Pop The Bubbles on the middle, ring and pinkie. Oh, and sun pics - now you see why I did PTB with flash for the feature pics.

The larger glitters in Vega are just too large but they did reflect more colors so trade off? The basic color is clearly close enough to be considered the same, I think. 

Whew! That's the end of the textured polish marathon. The only one that isn't here and hasn't yet been swatched is Liberty from Zoya. I've had it for a while and did pull it out for this but ran out of swatching time before I got to it. I'll give Liberty her own post later on, though. 

I'm considering a Battle of the Blues series next. Mainly because I have three new blues sitting right here in front of me and one of them, oddly enough, is a textured polish from Essie. And now that I think of it, I have another one out of the same collection that I forgot I had. Ah, well. Another post to come.

And no, I have not forgotten about the tape mani. Since I had to take the length down again, I'm going to redesign it and do it anyway for May. I also know what's coming for June. Water marble - gasp! But I just saw a way of doing water marble without actually having to stick my finger in the water. But that's next month. 

Lots more to come - as long as I can stay focused, that is, and I don't mean mentally. New glasses will definitely help and I should be ordering them today once my eye doctor decides that the massive improvement in my vision is legit and not an illusion of my blood sugar being out of whack.

Thank for reading and stay tuned.


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