Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Green One

Hi, there. Remember the frankens I did not too long ago? You've seen the brown/green/whatever color you want to call it. I'm finally wearing the green one and I have to say that I do love it. 

I started out to make a teal holo but ended up with this.

The base is a mixture of blues and greens and I put quite a bit of Orly Sparkling Garbage in it so there is a bit of sparkle here even though it didn't come across very well on camera. You can, however, see that sparkle in the bottle.

Then I discovered a very interesting property of this polish. It changes color depending on the light it's in. Just from the bright green you see here to a more bluish teal color and then only in incandescent light, like the one in my bathroom. I apologize in advance for the lack of quality in the picture.

This is what I had been going for all along so I'm glad I'll get to see it in certain lighting.

And just for comparison, I took this one in the same light but with camera flash.

And by the way, I did this manicure after the major staining I got from swatching the two blue textures without a base coat. Even the skin was badly stained. I really wish I had taken a before picture because it was very, very bad. I thought I'd have to live with blue nails for some time. Thankfully, however, I was saved by (drum roll, please) Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil.

Let me remind you what the cuticles of my middle and pinkie looked like when I first took off Zoya Liberty.

Ok, it doesn't look that bad here but I think the flash washed it out a bit. The other nails really were rather horrid to look at, especially the ring finger where the polish stain set up housekeeping in the ridges. Once I had naked nails again, I did some scrubbing with Zoya Remove before more scrubbing with the whitening toothpaste i use. It helped but only a little bit. I decided I'd have to go naked for a bit longer so I put on the oil and just started rubbing until it soaked through. By the time it had, I could not believe my eyes. The staining had diminished on the nail plate and my cuticles were perfectly clean. My nails do still have a bluish cast to them but I figure that will either fade with time or grow out.

I'm really sorry I didn't take pictures, though. It would have made a nice testimonial. Maybe I'll do a repeat and see if it happens again.

Anyway, that's the second franken. Still don't have a name for it yet. If anybody has any ideas, please post them in the comments. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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