Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Water Marble - This Time All 10!

Hi! So excited to share this one because I can't believe how well it turned out - even if it did take me all evening yesterday to get it done.

I started with some colors with shimmer but couldn't find any that wanted to cooperate so I went back to the creams. I generally don't wear creams much but water marbling may just change that. Here's the colors I used - all Sinfuls, as it turned out. They seem to work the best for me.

Left to right: Mauve, Spitfire, Tempest, Song of Summer.

I used Mauve as my base color.

Not sure why it looks blue here. Must be the lighting. I used flash in the group shot but didn't use it here and I only took the one picture.  Mauve is actually a pastel, grayed out purple - the bottle in the group shot is more the color. In fact, I thought it was a light gray until I got it on my nails.

Anyway, I alternated drops in the order seen above. Did three rounds then, instead of doing the basic flower design, I went for the less structured motif of a swirl (learned it, where else? My Simple Little Pleasures). The first attempt only muddied the water because I swirled way too much but with the second, I swirled just a bit and with a light touch. I dipped the thumb, index and middle fingers at the same time then the ring and pinkie - for both hands. This is what I ended up with.

Neither one of the thumbs really do anything for me but the rest - me likes a lot. I do love how this came out so random. With the orange marble, I wanted a specific and definite design but with this - hey, just playin' around to see what happened. 

There will be more marbles to come. I am determined to get this down to a science - well, at least get to the point where it doesn't take 4 hours to get the thing done. LOL!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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