Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Know What To Call This One...

...but I do like how it looks. 

Hi, there. Monday again, huh? I am on vacation, though, so that makes it a bit easier to take. And I have this sparkly nail look to enjoy today.

Here's the polishes I used.

Sinful Colors Face The Facets & Orange Crush, Starlight Polish Starlight Holographic Top Coat

The two Sinfuls are out of the new ones they just put out - you've seen the orange one already by itself.

I put on two coats of the yellow and didn't much like it on me by itself. I had been considering a gradient using it and the orange but decided to 'dry brush' the orange on top of the yellow to see what I ended up with. 

Dry brushing is just what it sounds like - using a brush that is nearly dry of polish. Just enough polish to get the color on without completely covering up the base color.

And since I had also been wanting to put a holo on top of a textured polish, I went ahead and did that. I then applied one coat of my  normal top coat.

This is the result.

I kind of created my own duo-chrome effect. At some angles the orange is prominent, at others it's the yellow that's seen most. The holo doesn't show up as clearly as it would over a smooth polish but it does add lots of sparkle.

And you've probably noticed the nails are shorter. Once again, that troublesome ring fingernail on my right hand decided to split on me. It had gotten so long - probably too long. I am, however, considering doing a silk patch on that nail just to help it grow out and not split any longer. There will be drawbacks, though. I guess the products used are very stinky and can cause problems of their own so I need to give this some serious consideration. I'm just tired of having to cut all my nails down when this one decides it's going to be a problem.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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