Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Holo Top Coat Experiment

Oh, hello. Nice to see you again. And so soon.

Well, I had decided to put a holographic top coat on the non-water marbled nails and, per the usual, over did it so that the colors were less than recognizable. That's the trouble with most holographic top coat. If you put on too many coats, it practically obliterates the color underneath so that it looks pretty washed out. If you can get a single coat to go on evenly as well as sparingly, it doesn't look as bad. But that's really hard to do.

Then I got to wondering. What would happen if the water marble technique was used to apply the top coat?

Thus, this little experiment. 

I dropped three drops of the top coat into a cup of room temperature, filtered water then dipped my finger in - after taping it off, of course. I did two dips for the ring fingernail on my left hand then one dip for thumb but didn't clean up the water and made sure to catch some more top coat on the way up. That actually got me some serious air bubbling so probably not the best way. There was little to no bubbling the first way.

This is the result.

I got some nice holo effect without completely covering up the design of the water marble. Didn't bother with clean up since this wasn't staying on long anyway.

Then, just for comparison, I painted 1 coat of the top coat on the water marbled nails of my right hand.

There is more holo effect but the design is a bit harder to see now.

I believe I will use this method to holo-fy my nails from now on. Not only does it give that desired effect while it keeps the integrity of the color but the holo seems to go on more evenly. A small cup would probably give a stronger effect since there would be less water surface and the polish wouldn't spread out so much.

I'm off to do another water marble. Just gotta keep practicing. I think this one will be a full water marbled manicure. We'll see what actually happens. I'll definitely post pictures of whatever happens.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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