Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just A Quick One!

Good morning! Ok, barely but it's not noon yet. And Happy Father's Day to everybody's Dad, especially mine. 

I feel so blessed to still have my Dad in my life and that we are pretty close now that we're both older. Wasn't always this way but then I was a little rebel growing up so I really tested his mettle for lots and lots of years. Kind of surprising that we are so close, considering. Of course, every time he catches sight of my stash, all he can do is shake his head. I just remind him that I could have more expensive, less desirable hobbies and we move on. 

So Happy Father's Day, Dad! Even if he'll never see this. Oh, well.

On to the polish for today.

Actually, I put this on yesterday just for fun and still have it on. I took pics yesterday but they didn't turn out as well as I hoped. It's really hard to see what you're shooting when the sun makes the view screen so dim. But I did manage to get some good ones today so let's get to them.

This is LA Colors: Color Craze in Treasure Island. 

sun pic!

The name is not on the bottle, though. The number is and I searched it and came up with an Ebay page for it. I find a lot of names on Ebay for the unnamed in my stash.

This one is nothing but turquoise glitter in a clear base and it builds rather nicely by itself. Pics are 3 coats with 1 coat of Orly Bonder and 2 coats of Orly In A Snap. Showing a bit of wear since it has been on my nails for 24 hours and I think it shrunk just a bit from the tips. 

Camera wasn't too happy but then if I look at it myself for long enough, my eyes blur, too. That's how sparkly this stuff is. I was planning a water marble with it today but my water apparently got funky in the squeeze bottle I keep it in so the selected polishes would not work. So, I'll just be swatching today for posts the rest of the week. I will attempt that marble later, once the fresh water is up to room temperature.

More pics for you - various lightings. I did have to come inside to get a decent shot without the bottle with manual focus on the camera.

 blurred, for sparkle's sake
 daylight lamp, inside

I picked up my new glasses yesterday and boy, did this sparkle like crazy in the doctor's office. Love it but gotta go take it off now so swatching can be done.

By the way, I got this at a dollar store near where I work but there is at least one on Ebay right now but it does cost more than a dollar. If you don't know, dollar stores or last chance stores are wonderful places to scoop up a lot of polish for very little money. 

That's it for today. I am on vacation this week so there may be more posts. Or there may be less. Depends on what we get into this week. Also depends on how much time I spend on a new game I just bought, King's Bounty: Dark Side. If you like the King's Bounty games, you'll like this one. 

Off to swatch or (more likely) play! Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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