Sunday, June 29, 2014

Limited Edition Collaboration Duo: Literary Lacquers and Ethereal Lacquer - Summer Cocktails

Hello! It's Sunday, which means I'm swatching again and today I have for you the two gorgeous polishes that make up the Summer Cocktails limited edition collaboration by Literary Lacquers and Ethereal Lacquer.

First up is Tequila Mockingbird by Literary Lacquers - a neon pink with a soft holographic finish. And when I say pink, I'm not kidding. This one is seriously pink.

I love how this one looks and the holo is just perfect. Pics are two coats, no base or top, taken with flash. Actually, I think this one could be a one coater if applied right.

Next is Lilac Haze from Ethereal Lacquer - a beautiful purple with that strong linear holo as well as some scattered. At least, that's how it looked on me. 

This is three coats but honestly, since I don't mind visible nail line, I would wear it with one sheer coat. This one would also look nice over a matching base, I think. Another thing I like about this one is the fact that it looks different depending on the light. Case in point - the above pics were taken with flash, the pics below were taken under my desk lamp without flash.

Looks more blue here, doesn't it? And catch that blue flash on the thumb. I'll be interested to see how it looks at work and in the sun - no sun today or I would already know.

I almost didn't purchase these but I'm so glad I changed my mind and got them. 

That's it for now. Back to swatching. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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