Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sinful Colors Hot Chili

Happy Tuesday. Tonight I have another of the new Sinful Colors polishes - Hot Chili.

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It was so hard to capture the true nature of this color. It's also a bit hard to describe. A bit darker in real life, sort of more maroon, and it does have sparse multi-colored glitter which has the effect of appearing lit from within as the hand moves. Perhaps it doesn't have a lot of bling but it's a pretty color. Not a cream but not quite a frost, either, and it does have kind of a magenta gleam to it with a soft, metallic finish. Pictures are two coats. Clean up was really easy. It didn't stain like some reds can. Dries to a slight texture because of the glitter.

That's 2 down and 6 more to go. Hopefully there will be time for swatches this weekend. Been dealing with computer issues - my Dad's, not mine - but I think it's gotten beyond me at this point so it's about to become someone else's problem. 

Before I sign off, I have to share a discovery I made when looking for a substitute for my nearly depleted Zoya Remove that I can't afford to replace just yet. There is a cheaper version that can be made with pure acetone, glycerine and water. A good tutorial on how to make it can be found here. Miss Loodie has also done a video that's here. While you're there, do a little lookin' around. she's got tons of good articles with useful information.

Anyway, I got to thinking that instead of tap water, what if I used rose water? By mixing the rose water and glycerine together first then adding the acetone, I was able to get quite a bit of the rose water and glycerine into the acetone. It still works just fine but doesn't leave my nails looking dried out like even my beloved Zoya Remove. Now, I wouldn't use this generic remover to prep my nails for color - the rose water does have some oils in it - but using it to soak off glitter won't leave my nails and cuticles parched.

If this is something you want to try, you can probably find rose water at any health food store. The glycerine can probably be obtained there, too. I get my acetone from Sally Beauty Supply but it can be obtained pretty much anywhere you find polish remover. Can't really give you precise measurements. It's an eyeball it kind of thing. Watch Loodie's video, though, so you know when you've got the mixture just right. Shouldn't be any glycerine floating around the bottom of the bottle. 

Ok. If I want this posted while it's still Tuesday, guess I'd better sign off now. As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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