Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New From Milani

Hello. Today I have 3 of the new Milani Color Statement polishes to show off.

 l to r: Peri-Wink, Tattle Teal, Ultra Violet

I found these at a partially put together display at a local CVS. It didn't appear that they had all of the colors yet but they did have quite a few. Colors range from white to brown and charcoal. You can see their range of colors here. There are 37 in all.

On their web site, Milani describes these as the most color saturated and I believe it. I only needed two coats of polish for Tattle Teal and Ultra Violet. Peri-Wink did need three coats but that could have just been my application issue. Formula is a bit on the thick side but not gloopy and definitely not hard to work with. In fact, I think the thickness helped in the polish application. The brush is wider and flatter than the norm, which made it very easy to achieve a 3-stroke application. They dry fairly quickly, too. They retail for $4.99 but you can order them directly from Milani for $3.99.

So let's take a closer look, shall we? All photos are with flash, no base and no top.

Peri-Wink is, as the name suggests, a pale, periwinkle shade that also has a bit of sparkle to it. Something I didn't notice in the store. The sparkle is subtle, which is why my camera flash didn't catch it. I think this is my favorite of the three.

Tattle Teal is, well, teal. No shimmer here but look at that gloss. That is not top coat, folks. That is how this one dries. Fair warning, though. As you can probably see around my cuticles, this one is a stainer but then, with this much green, that was really no surprise. I will still wear this one and look forward to holofying it.

Ultra violet. More of a magenta, really. Or maybe that's just all the magenta shimmer coming out. Whatever, this one is gorgeous. 

So there you have a taste of what Milani has in store with this new line. I'm hoping they continue to add to it. I am very impressed and I don't say that often about a drugstore polish brand.

On a sadder note, I did miss out on the limited edition Bella Blue polish. Had it in a cart to purchase directly from Milani then foolishly decided to wait until another pay day had passed before I ordered. Looks like it's all gone now. Oh, well. I probably already have something similar in my stash anyway.

That's all for now. More swatches to come of other little pretties I picked up, including the limited edition Space Mountain Duo from Sweet Heart Polish and Literary Lacquers. That one, I did not miss out on. 

Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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