Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick Update and Tomorrow's Manicure


No swatching got done this weekend. I was too busy logging every little bottle in my stash. Needless to say that took quite awhile but at least now I know how many bottles I actually have. There are 743 with 5 duplicates. Two of the dupes are mini's of a full size bottle I already had. Two others were bought intentionally as backups and the one came as part of the gift Zoya gives for spending $50. 

I actually thought the tally would be bigger, quite honestly.

Now that we know just how deep this obsession runs, let's move on to the manicure. In fact, doing the spreadsheet actually inspired the manicure.

I was disappointed to miss out on the limited edition Milani Bella Blue. It's my fault, though. I had it in a cart on Milani's site then foolishly decided to wait until the following week when I got paid. That will teach me to buy when I have the chance. It has apparently sold out on the web site and I never did find it anywhere retail.

All is not lost, however, because as I was doing the spreadsheet I came across this beauty from the Spoiled line by Wet n Wild. This is My Parking Meteor Expired.

Meteor is not an exact dupe of Bella Blue. The base appears to be much darker. Meteor looks more black until the glitter shines in the light. The glitter in Bella Blue appears to be bigger and there appears to be more of it. Meteor does have that purple shift but as with Bella Blue, it's not easy to capture or see.

There is a second possibility in my stash - Sinful Colors Nova. The base may be too blue but I'll dig that one back out and do a comparison of it and Meteor. 

I still would have liked to have gotten Bella Blue but I'm glad I have two that are so close already in the stash.

That's it for tonight. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



  1. Doing your stash spreadsheet is a worthy project--I refer to mine pretty much every time I'm shopping (I keep it in Google Drive).

    1. Hi, KarenD. I was thinking of doing something like that because I think I have about every color Sinful makes and I have actually bought a duplicate before after saying I'd never seen anything like it. My friend benefited from that mistake. LOL.