Tuesday, July 1, 2014

*sigh* Crappy Fourth of July Water Marble


I know it's July 1st but I decided to do another water marble along the same lines as the first one I did - just accent nails. Well, you've heard the saying about 'best laid plans', right? Let's just call this one a fail and be done with it. I'm still wearing it, though. Mainly because there's no time to do anything different.

First, the colors I used. 

l to r: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Zoya Ginessa, Sinful Colors Hot Hot Heat, Essie Aruba Blue

I did two coats of Sinful Snow Me White on the thumb and ring finger, then marbled with Zoya Ginessa, Sinful Hot Hot Heat and Essie Aruba Blue. I then used the three water marble colors for the rest of the nails. 

Aaaand this is how it turned out.

 yeah, the right needs more clean up work but by this time, I was so done with the whole process

Guess it was the polishes I used or something because I just couldn't get the flowers to look right at all. The ring of the left hand comes the closest to what I had in mind. Although, the right thumb looks a bit like fireworks, doesn't it? Oh, and the left thumb is smeared thanks to Orly Won't Chip. Won't be using that on a water marble again. That marble was more than dry by the time I put that on so the smearing part is the fault of the top coat. 

And speaking of top coats, Orly Won't Chip aside, I am also test driving Out The Door by INM. So far, I'm impressed. I used it on the manicure I wore before this one (another post later this week). That mani was put on Sunday night and when I took it off tonight, only one corner of each thumb was chipped. Not even any tip wear to speak of. I did put it on this mani as well since it was so late by the time I got done and I needed this bed ready in a hurry. 

Drying time is amazing. This top coat definitely dives deep to dry all layers of polish so that after 5 minutes, I can run my teeth over the nail and not feel any squishy-ness. Bed ready in 5 minutes? That's my kind of fast dry top coat. Another good thing about it - little to no shrinkage of the polish. Every other fast dry top coat I've tried (China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Orly) shrunk the polish so that it looked as if I had tip wear. My previous manicure was a dark one so any shrinkage at the tip would definitely show. I'll be using this top coat for some time, I would say.

Another new tool I have in my arsenal is the French manicure brush from Jolie Polish.

know how long I worked to get brush and nails all in the same pic without it looking lopsided?

I had read so much about how great this brush is that I finally had to see for myself. What did I find out? It's all true. This is the easiest clean up brush I have used. It's tapered at the tip to get right into that crevice between the nail and skin. The size helps the brush hold on to remover long enough for several swipes and I actually got the clean up done without removing more than what I wanted. I usually end up swiping polish from the sides of a few nails before I finally get a good clean off the skin. 

There are 2 brush sizes but the smaller size is sold out right now. Mine is the larger size, by the way. There are also different styles to choose from. Mine has a dotting tool at the end but there is also one with a cuticle pusher at the other end. The cost is $10 or $11 depending on the style.

So that's it for tonight. Me and my crappy water marble are headed for the sack - if the thunderstorm will kindly move on down the road, please? Oy! I suppose it could be worse. Could be snow. Yeah, I said the s-word, what? I'm torn between the two as which is preferable. Snow is quieter, after all.

'Nuff of that. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. 


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