Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sinful Colors Nova


Tonight I have for you one that's been hiding out in my stash for a while. I pulled it out when I was looking for Bella Blue dupes. Nova is very pretty even if she's not a full on dupe. All pics are with flash.

Nova is a deep, deep blue jelly with blue, gold and green glitter along with what may be very tiny holographic glitters. I see a tiny red flash every now and again. 

Took 3 coats to get full coverage. Pics are no base or top. I'm probably looking at blue nails again when this comes off if the cuticle stainage is any indication but never mind. That's the price of swatching without a base coat.

This is another one that, in normal lighting, will look more black than blue. The sparkle is subtle, as well. I may enhanced this one, too, but I want to wear it as a full manicure before I do that. If I do decide to enhance, I'll post the results.

Just this one for today. It's not what is currently on my nails, however. I've taken tons of photos but can't seem to capture the beauty of this gorgeous holo I'm wearing. At least not tonight. Gonna try for sun pics tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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