Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spoiled My Parking Meteor Expired - Revisited

Happy Saturday! 

We've got nice weather here for a change but the sun is still a bit shy so my swatch pics are indoors again. Which is really a shame because I've got two very pretty frankens to show off - even if I do say so myself.

You already know how disappointed I was after wearing My Parking Meteor Expired - just stayed black without the lovely shimmer and shift staying hidden. Well, I got to thinking. I know, not always a good thing but this time I struck oil....I was going to say gold but the holofied version of this looks more like an oil slick in a bottle than gold.


I had about half a bottle of Starlight Polish's Starlight just sitting around looking gorgeous all on its own. This one is the strong linear holographic top coat version that will overpower some colors when used as a top coat. On the other hand, if added directly to the bottle of polish, that polish becomes holographic. The holo is not as linear or as strong that way but I have had some success frankening with it.

I decided to see what would happen if I added some of Meteor to that half bottle. I filled up the bottle the rest of the way and this is what happened.

GOR-GEE-US! This is two coats, no base or top. And just look at that oil slick there in that bottle. As I said, the holo is not as strong on the nail or as linear but it does add a nice sparkle that doesn't disappear in normal lighting situations.

I'm looking forward to wearing this one again.

And a blurry one to really bring out the sparkles.

But I didn't stop at just turning Meteor holographic. I also have some of Starlight Polish's color shifting top coats, one of which goes from green/turquoise to purple, much like Meteor is supposed to.  Guess what? I think I created that dupe of Bella Blue that I wanted...well, maybe a greener version in these pics. The blue is there, my camera and lighting setup just can't capture it.

This is three coats because the brush in the Spoiled polishes aren't the best. It tends to create bald spots and you can still see one on my middle nail. I guess the blue does show up a bit here but....but....can you see that ever so slight purplish cast at the cuticle of my ring finger? That's the shift and....and....AND! I actually caught it. Lookit this!

Yes, it's blurred a bit. Yes, there's glare but there's also that glorious, hard to see, even harder to capture, shift! At the farthest angle at the very edge of the light, that purple becomes so rich and royal looking. I wish it was there more fully.

Oh, my. And to think I was gonna consign this one to the darkest corner of my stash. Not any more. I'll be wearing this one again, too.

I hope to have more swatches tomorrow. Haven't decided yet what they will be, though. Guess we'll all find out tomorrow. Until then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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