Monday, July 14, 2014

You Knew I Had To Do It.

Hi there! Need to get this done quickly before the storm hits and looking at the radar, this one's a doozy!

I holofied today's nails and I wasn't sure at first that I'd like it but once the top coat dried, I love it! 

I give you Zoya Zuza holofied!

Couldn't choose between those last two so I just gave you both. 

A couple more things....

I mentioned a bit ago about test driving INM Out The Door fast drying top coat. I've used it on my last several manicures and I'm glad to report that this top coat has won me over. My nails are dry and bed ready within minutes, if there's any shrinkage I don't see it and to top it off (pun intended) it seems to be wear and chip resistant. Can't ask for more than that. Well, I could but I won't.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the clean up brush I got from Jolie Polish. I love the way the brush remains in perfect shape after being doused in pure acetone. No fraying, the bristles are still nicely stiff but flexible, even the metal still looks brand new. I did switch out my Remove Plus for pure acetone for clean up purposes. The pure acetone just works much faster and since the brush soaks up the remover, I'd rather use the cheaper acetone. I think the fact that the brush does soak up so much remover is why it's so good for faster clean up. What used to take me an hour or more and ended up removing more polish than I wanted, now takes about 15 minutes and leaves the polish on the nail where it belongs. Highly recommend the French manicure brush from Jolie Polish. 

Um, I think that's it. Radar says the storm is almost here - so does the thunder - so I'd better get off here now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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