Monday, August 25, 2014

Ellagee Trenzalore


As you probably noticed in yesterday's post, I am once again sporting nubbies. They were getting just a bit too long, even if I did enjoy having them that way. Some of them were also beginning to cone so i suppose it was just time to take them down again.

Also, I had to do my first repair. One of the nails got cracked across one corner but not in a way that filing down would take care of it. One end of the crack is way down in the quick but thankfully, it didn't crack all the way through. I was able to save most of the nail using nail glue and a small piece of tissue. I had already been using the glue to reinforce the one nail on my right hand that keeps splitting as well as a couple of others showing signs of the potential to split or peel. Works pretty well, actually.

Anyway, here is my 7 month naked nail update. They're looking pretty good even if they are shorter now. Oh, and see if you can figure out which nail has the makeshift patch. I'll tell you which one it is at the end of the post.

Ok, on to the polish. I'm actually wearing this today.

Trenzalore from Ellagee - a lovely blue/gray holographic.

Though it doesn't show up well in the photos, the holo in Trenzalore is quite subtle, as is normal for light colored holos. It's also more scattered than linear.

no flash
Trenzalore is part of the A Good Man collection Ellagee created to honor the new Doctor Who and named for the Doctor's final resting place. 

And here's some blurry shots that show the holo a little better. Both pics are with flash.

Now that's lovely.

Guessed which nail has the patch yet?  It's the thumb on the right hand. I'm very pleased with  how it turned out. I have ordered some silk patches in the hopes that I can use them to keep that one nail from splitting before it properly grows out.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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