Monday, August 4, 2014

Mad Scientist Creations - The Greens

Monday again, huh? At least I feel better today than I did yesterday. And tonight I have some of my frankens for you - the green ones.

You've already seen the first one I made. I now call it The Green One - apple green with holographic glitters.

Then there's A Green With No Name - pastel green with a slight bit of shimmer.

The third green is The Green Unknown - another apple green but this one is a bit darker and with a slight blue shimmer.

I really wish the blue showed up a bit better.

Finally, A Green of Another Color - olive green with a slight purple/blue shimmer.

This one might be my favorite. I love this olive green color. Created this one by adding a black holo to A Green With No Name. Actually, A Green With No Name is what was left after I created A Green of Another Color. 

I frankened more than just green, though. I have a lovely purple that I'm going to be putting on as soon as I post this. It's part of a trio I'm calling The Royals - Royal Purple, Royal Magenta and Royal Coral. All with shimmery flecks of color - Royal Coral even has flashes of gold. I'll be swatching those this weekend for you. 

Once again, I really encourage you to shop your stash and if there are polishes you just aren't all that interest in any more, try mixing some together and see what you get. 

Up next and for the rest of the week, I have 6 gorgeous OPI DS polishes to show you. I've been pretty lucky to grab these for less than $10 on Amazon. Then there's the new Sinfuls I've not swatched yet along with a few other random polishes I've picked up lately.

And what's the technique for this month? Hmmm, Fish Tail. I'll have to get on YouTube and watch a few tutorials for that one. With any luck, it'll turn out much better than Butterfly Wings.

Lots to do and soon. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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